Under the guidance of the Open University of China (OUC) and the National Modern Distance Education Consortium for Higher Education Institutions, the journal Distance Education in China will hold the 13th China International Distance Education Conference 2014 in Beijing from November 27 to 28, 2014.

The theme of the Conference is “Science and Technology Leads the Future of Learning: A Strategic Choice in the Era of Education Reform”. It will focus on new trends and developments in technology, as well as the new practices and achievements made in applying science and technology into education and learning. It will also discuss a new strategy and model for distance education and corporate learning. Finally, it will open up new prospects and directions for future learning and smart education.

The upcoming China International Distance Education Conference 2014 is the 13th annual event to be held by Distance Education in China. There will be keynote speeches, dozens of summit forums covering a number of fields, and innovation exhibitions on distance education and corporate learning in China. According to the organizers of the Conference, it will be an international forum for the convergence of thought, an unprecedented professional exhibition, and furthermore, it will be an important platform for cooperation and exchange in the fields of distance learning, MOOC, Internet education, online learning, corporate learning, future learning, and smart education. A large number of senior government officials, experts and scholars, celebrities in the field of education, business leaders, investors, and media will gather to discuss development plans for distance education and corporate learning in China, share industry results, and promote innovation in the industry. It is a good opportunity for institutions who are carrying out or plan to carry out distance education, MOOC, Internet education, online learning, mobile learning, corporate learning, corporate universities, e-learning, and smart education to conduct exchanges and discussions.

From 2002 to 2013, Distance Education in China has successfully hosted 12 consecutive annual conferences. Over the past decade, a total of 40,000 representatives from thousands of institutions have attended the conferences, which are of far-reaching significance in promoting the development of distance education and corporate learning in China. For the Conference website, please visit:


Schedule for China International Distance Education Conference 2014 (13th)

Nov 27, a.m.

Nov 27, p.m.

Nov 28, a.m.

Nov 27, p.m.

China International Distance Education Conference (13th) 2014 

Keynote Speech

Forum on MOOC and University Digitization

Forum on Science and Technology Development and Future Learning

Forum on Outstanding MOOC Teachers

Forum for President of Online Education and Continuing Education

Forum on Mobile Learning and Construction of Micro-lectures 


Forum on the Innovative Development of RTVUs at the Grass-roots Level

Forum on the Building of Open Universities

Forum on Corporate E-Learning and New Technology Application

Forum on Continuing Education and Vocational Education Development

Forum on Corporate E-Learning Excellent Practice and Building of Corporate University

Forum on Internet Education (Online Education) Innovation Development


Forum on Cross-Strait Smart  Campuses (co-sponsored by Taipei Computer Association)

Forum on National "Education Cloud" Platform Resource Sharing and Business Cooperation (co-sponsored by National Centre for Educational Technology)





2014 Exhibition on the Innovative Achievements of China Distance Education and Corporate Learning

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