The contract ceremony and press conference on the cooperation between OUC and APTECH for training IT professionals (JBNS website engineers) was held in Beijing Hotel on 31 August 2009. This event announced that OUC, the world's biggest distance teaching system and APTECH IT Education Company, the leading IT professional education brand in China reached an agreement to cooperate on JBNS website engineer training programme.

Li Linshu, Vice-President of the OUC and Yang Ming, CEO of APTECH IT Education, signed the cooperation agreement. Both of them have been interviewed by the journalists on the initial intention, the advantages and prospects of the cooperation.

APTECH IT Education is fully owned by APTECH. It has long focused on the IT professional education in China and has already become a leader in the modern IT education field.

Through this cooperation, the OUC and APTECH IT Education will follow the needs of enterprises and combines degree education and professional education to explore a brand new mode for training IT professionals with both degree and ability. In this training programme, the trainees will not only obtain practical abilities provided by APTECH, the qualified ones can also obtain degree certificates from the OUC.

This cooperation has fully demonstrated the spirit of "open education". It is of significance in training diversified IT talents, and facilitating a big development of China's distance education in terms of scale and depth. Just as Prof. Ge Daokai, President of the OUC, said, "The cooperation of the two sides can make the best of each other's strong points and share each others' resources. The OUC can play its central role in China's distance education and take its advantages in specialty building and subject construction, and APTECH will apply its strength in educational product research and vocational training. In this way, the programme will surely turn out more IT talents who can meet the need of the society."

      By Zhao Xianghua, the OUC   (