University leaders issue certificates to individuals and teams who have been honored with the “2013 Beijing Outstanding Teachers”, “2013 Advanced Continuing Education Teaching Administrators in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Beijing”, and “2013 Outstanding Teaching Teams in Continuing Education in HEIs in Beijing” awards.

University leaders issue certificates to 17 staff that have worked at CCRTVU (OUC) for over 30 years

University leaders issue certificates to five “2013 OUC Outstanding Course” teams

On September 10, the 2013 Teachers’ Day Commendation Conference was held at the OUC. Current university leaders Yang Zhijian, Li Ling, Yan Bing, Zhang Hui, Li Linshu, Zhang Shaogang, and Liu Chen, and former university leaders Ruan Zhiyong and Sun Lvyi joined the OUC staff in celebrating the occasion. 

On the eve of Teachers’ Day Liu Zhanrong, dean of the School of Foreign Languages, was awarded “2013 Beijing Outstanding Teacher”. Yang Xiaotang, assistant president and director of the Department of Teaching Resources Management, and Guo Qingchun, director of the Teaching Evaluation and Supervision Office, were presented with the “2013 Advanced Continuing Education Teaching Administrators in HEIs in Beijing” award. The discrete mathematics course teaching team lead by Professor Gu Jing from the School of Education won “2013 Outstanding Continuing Education Teaching Team in HEIs in Beijing”. The conference praised the above individuals and teams, as well as 17 staff that have worked at CCRTVU (OUC) for over 30 years, and five “2013 OUC Outstanding Course” teams including the School of Agroforestry and Medicine’s “Forest Cultivation” course. 

President Yang Zhijian said, “With the joint efforts of the whole faculty, the OUC has made a series of wonderful achievements. The strength and influence of the OUC continues to grow, and it continues to win recognition from the government and society. The construction of the OUC has kicked off successfully and laid a solid foundation for future development. ”

Yang Zhijian emphasized that education and, by extension, teachers, should be regarded as the foundation of national planning. Teachers form the foundation for the establishment and development of every university; without high quality teachers, it is impossible to build a high quality, first class university. Following the mass movement of the CPC, the OUC has listened to suggestions and opinions from its staff on how to speed up the construction of the teaching team and how to motivate teachers. The university is sorting, researching, learning, checking, modifying, correcting, and striving to do a job in the teachers’ team construction as a priority. 

Yang Zhijian pointed out that the construction of the OUC has entered a new, and increasingly difficult, period. Yang Zhijian gave a speech encouraging the OUC staff to come together during this difficult period, “I believe that, as long as we work together, we can build the OUC as a new form of university and establish it in the higher education system in China; I believe that, as long as we work together, the OUC has a bright future; I believe that gentle plains lie beyond the mountains!”

The commendation meeting announced the establishment of the preparation team for the OUC Teachers and Teaching Development Centre. Yan Bing, vice president of the OUC, will lead the team. A draft construction plan has been formed since the concept for the Centre was put forward at the beginning of 2012. At present, the main responsibilities of the Centre are fivefold: 

1. Plan and organize different levels and types of teaching training and research programmes in line with the characteristics of the OUC. 

2. Plan and organize continuing education courses for the OUC teachers, focusing on providing digital learning resources and a supportive learning environment. 

3.Collate academic research on the OUC schooling system, organize, promote and practice the innovative reform outcomes made by teachers from the OUC. 

4. Offer flexible guidance and consultation to the teachers within the OUC system, and construct teaching consultancy and guiding mechanism suitable for open university characteristics and teachers’ personal characteristics. 

5. Contribute to the creation of an OUC learning community, in order to help the OUC teachers become leaders and actors in the construction of a lifelong learning society. 

Hu Jicheng, Zhou Yanjun and Liu Zhanrong delivered speeches on behalf of the OUC’s staff. 

Vice Professor Hu Jicheng delivers a speech on behalf of the staff that have worked at CCRTVU (OUC) for over 30 years

Hu Jicheng said, “Yesterday, I was growing with RTVUs. Today, I am making achievements for RTVUs. Tomorrow, I will be fighting for the OUC.” He emphasised that the construction of the OUC faces a number of challenges. New education technologies need to be studied, new areas need to be explored, and new methods need to be practiced. He believes that the staff has the strength to meet these challenges and build a better future for the OUC. 

Zhou Yanjun, deputy director of the Research and Training Centre for Community Education under the Ministry of Education, delivers a speech on behalf of the CCRTVU’s longest serving staff

Zhou Yanjun said, “Over the past 30 years, I have shared the fruits of RTVU’s reforms in the distance education field and achieved a series of personal career breakthroughs. As we face the challenges and opportunities presented by this new transitional period, we should treat teaching as a true profession rather than just a job.” He added, “We cannot change the past; instead, we should look to the future. I will continue to personally contribute to the development of the OUC.” 

Liu Zhanrong, dean of the School of Foreign Languages and “2013 Beijing Outstanding Teacher”, delivers a speech

Liu Zhanrong said, “The title of ‘Outstanding teacher’ is both an honor and an incentive to continue contributing to the development of RTVUs and the OUC.” He expressed that he will continue to do his job, and love RTVU and OUC career. He will take humble lessons, guard against arrogance, and treat honor as a spur and the motivation to do the job in the future. 

By Jin Hongyu, Yu Zhangli, the OUC