On 28 April 2024, the ceremony celebrating the International Labour Day and the National May 1st Labour Medal and the National Model Worker Vanguard Award commendation took place at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

During the event, 255 National May 1st Labour Certificates of Merit, 1088 National May 1st Labour Medals, and 1034 National Model Worker Vanguard Awards were presented. Guo Bizhu, a student in the autumn 2022 class of Administrative Management undergraduate programme for model workers (craftsmen) of the School of Public Administration at Fujian Open University (OU), was honoured to receive the National May 1st Labour Medal.

Guo Bizhu at work

Guo Bizhu, a member of the Communist Party of China, currently holds the positions of administrative assistant manager, Party branch secretary, and trade union chairperson at Taisun (Zhangzhou) Enterprise Food Co., Ltd.

Dedication to work and consistently achieving excellence in her role

Over the years, she has demonstrated a strong work ethic and a relentless pursuit of perfection in her duties related to quality control and factory affairs. Guo Bizhu understands the critical nature of quality control and never takes her responsibilities lightly. Her meticulous adherence to protocols has resulted in a 100% factory qualification rate for the products she inspects. During her tenure in quality control, she leveraged her extensive practical experience and professional knowledge to develop a comprehensive quality management manual, leading to more standardized practices and consecutive years of recognition as an outstanding unit—setting a fine example for other organisations.

Being brave in innovation and valuing talent development

In the administrative department, which handles a wide array of tasks, Guo Bizhu has been proactive in embracing innovation to maximize efficiency. This, coupled with the company’s strategic focus on nurturing talent, has contributed to a growth in economic benefits by approximately 10%, marking a new milestone in the enterprise’s history.

Concerned about employees' difficulties and creating a positive working environment

As the trade union chairperson, Guo Bizhu is deeply concerned with the well-being and progress of the employees, ensuring a positive working environment. She has successfully fostered a sense of belonging and identity among the staff, which in turn has boosted their motivation. Her commitment to resolving issues raised by the workers and upholding the company’s philosophy of valuing ability over qualifications has provided every employee with equal opportunities for advancement and encouragement to strive for promotion. In addition to her professional achievements, Guo Bizhu is also known for her charitable spirit and active participation in public welfare initiatives.

Caring for others, being ready to contribute to the community

As the Party branch secretary, she has taken the lead in organising charity events that allow the company’s employees to give back to society. Annual activities, such as distributing warmth and goodwill, involve visiting those in need, including underprivileged students, the disabled, and impoverished elderly individuals. These ongoing efforts reflect the company’s social responsibility and demonstrate care for the less fortunate, earning widespread praise from the community.


By Fujian Open University