Recently, the All-China Women's Federation announced the national awards for the 2023 March 8 Red-Banner Pacesetters, Holders, and Collectives.

Jiang Lijuan, a student from Zhejiang Open University (OU) awarded the title of the National March 8th Red-Banner Holder

Jiang Lijuan is currently pursuing a degree in Administrative Management at Chun'an College, part of Zhejiang Open University, having started in the autumn semester of 2022. She holds several key leadership roles, including secretary of the General Party Branch, director of the Villagers’ Committee, and chairwoman of the Women's Federation in Xiajiang Village, Fengshuling Township, Chun'an County, Hangzhou. Jiang is also a delegate to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and serves as a deputy to the 15th CPC Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress. Her contributions have earned her recognition as a "Rural Harvest Figure" and she has been named a National Second Batch Youth Vanguard Model for Rural Revitalisation.

A leader in the industrial development of rural revitalisation

She initially launched her business elsewhere before returning to her hometown to further its development, bringing along about 10 young individuals in a direct response to national policy. Currently, the venture has grown to encompass 37 rural family inns and hotels, offering 653 beds in total. She has innovated over 10 types of industrial businesses aimed at fostering common prosperity, including canteens and aquatic live performances, boosting the village's collective annual income to approximately 1.5 million yuan. Driven by a passion for pioneering new models of "regional common prosperity," she has led the formation of a rural revitalisation consortium. This consortium unites more than 20 neighbouring villages and production groups in a collaborative push towards clustered development.

An inheritor and guardian of the "red roots" (referring to the revolutionary tradition or history)

In accordance with the requirements outlined by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his investigative visit to Xiajiang Village, educational classes have been organised, the "Twelve-Article" code of conduct for Party members has been implemented, and the evaluation system for the pioneering index of Party members has been quantified. These measures have effectively stimulated the overall vitality of the Party member team. Pioneer positions for Party members have been established in scenic spots, and Party member activities are being carried out to guide the construction of rural culture through exemplary Party conduct. The village collective has earned numerous honourary titles, such as a National Advanced Grassroots Party Organisation and a National Advanced Collective in Poverty Alleviation. It has been recognised as a national demonstration village for democracy and the rule of law, and named as the "Twelfth Batch of Provincial Patriotic Education Base".

A "spokesperson" telling the story of rural revitalisation

As a grassroots representative, she shared the transformative journey of Xiajiang Village at the provincial conference dedicated to advancing the high-level development of a beautiful Zhejiang in the new era. Serving as a delegate to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, she was featured in the first interview of the "Party Delegate Passage," where she recounted the village's journey towards shifting from prosperity for a few to achieving common prosperity.

Upon receiving the National March 8th Red-Banner Holder award, she was deeply moved by the care shown by the Party and the trust bestowed upon her by the All-China Women's Federation. She stated that she would use this honour as motivation to forge ahead with innovation and contribute "Xiajiang strength" to the revitalisation of rural areas and the achievement of common prosperity in the countryside.


Reprinted by the OUC News Network from Chun’an College of Zhejiang OU and WeChat Official Account of Youth Chun’an