Wan Junnan, a student majoring in Administrative Management in the Class of 2021 at Cangzhou Open University (OU), is involved in many roles.

He is deputy to the 14th Hubei Provincial People's Congress, a member of the 9th Huanghua City Committee of the CPPCC (Chinese People'sa Political Consultative Conference), secretary of the Party Branch, secretary of the Youth League Branch, and director of Yangsi Village, Yangsanmu Township, Huanghua City. Under his leadership, Yangsi Village has earned recognition and accolades, including the titles of Advanced Primary-Level Party Organisation, Village-Level Clean Governance Demonstration Village, Party Spirit Education Base for Party Members, and Civilized Rural Area. During Spring Festival, Wan Junnan was invited as a distinguished guest to participate in the First CCTV Chinese Farmers' New Year Gala and Harmonious Rural New Year Gala, where he shared his inspiring story of striving for rural revitalisation through the process of Party building.

In the program, Wan Junnan highlighted the role played by the Party branch Yangsi Village and the accomplishments achieved in guiding the villagers towards an improved quality of life. Alongside the three other village Party secretaries born in the 1990s, he expressed their shared aspiration for "Protecting the rural areas and hoping for good harvests." During his two-year tenure as the Party branch secretary, Wan Junnan initiatives in explorating an industrial development model encompassing "Party branch + cooperative + land + farmers." More than 1,000 mu (about 67 hectares) of farmland were transferred, with profits from distributed per capita, effectively transforming villagers into shareholders. This approach rendered the earnings of the village collective tangible, providing visible dividends for the villagers. In addition, Wan Junnan led the villagers in ventures such as fish pond aquaculture and winter jujube picking gardens, contributing an additional 300,000 yuan annually to the village's collective income. These practical measures continuously enriched both the village collective and the villagers' financial well-being. Last year, Yangsi Village's collective economic income reached 1.1 million yuan, elevating the villagers' happiness index and allowing them to genuinely enjoy the fruits of building harmonious rural areas.

Wan Junnan's presence on the CCTV stage not only symbolizes a cohort of young individuals establishing a strong foundation in grassroots efforts in the contemporary era, but also highlights the successful outcomes of open universities in fostering talent. The Open University of China will stay committed to its initial mission of educating people for the Party and the nation. It aims to unite and guide Open University students in engaging in meaningful social initiatives that contribute to the advancement of rural revitalisation efforts.


Reprinted by the OUC News Network from Cangzhou OU and Cangzhou Daily