The opening ceremony for the National Lifelong Learning Activity Week took place in Chongqing on 14th November. Sun Xiaojing, a distinguished alumna of the OUC, was honored with the national title of “Common People Learning Star with Extremely Touching Stories.”


Sun Xiaojing is currently the deputy director of the Comprehensive Service Centre for the Disabled in Shatoujiao, Yantian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. From 2010 to 2012, she pursued a BA degree in Social Work through the Shenzhen tutorial centre’s programme at the School for the Disabled. During her studies, she was known for her dedication, friendliness, and helpfulness, ultimately graduating with outstanding results. In 2016, while working at the Shenzhen Branch of the China Disabled Persons Federation, she devoted herself to learning professional information about disability services, acquiring specific skills that enabled her to assist disabled individuals in finding employment. Her extraordinary achievements in what might seem an ordinary position reflect a deep sense of responsibility and commitment. As a worker dedicated to undertakings for the disabled in the new era, she exemplifies a spirit of care and dedication, providing invaluable help to others with disabilities.

The national-level "Common People Learning Star" selection in the new era, a campaign organized by the Ministry of Education, was aimed at recognising individuals who have significantly advanced their careers through lifelong learning, and professionals dedicated to the cause of lifelong education with selfless commitment. This year, the Ministry of Education announced 177 "Common People Learning Stars" for the new era, featuring 16 individuals with particularly inspiring stories, including Sun Xiaojing.


By OUC School for the Disabled