Profile: Liu Jinliang is an undergraduate student with a major in Business Administration of the 2023 Spring Semester in the full online education programme at the Experimental School of the Open University of China (OUC).

He is also a deputy to the 16th Beijing Municipal People's Congress and a third-prize winner of the Beijing Agricultural Technology Extension Award. Furthermore, he was on the "National Honour Roll for Entrepreneurship by Veterans" for the year 2022.


Recently, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission announced the list of the 14th batch of "Capital Citizen Learning Stars", and Liu Jinliang, a student from the OUC's Experimental School, was on the list. This is the first time for a student from the OUC to have received this honour, highlighting the recognition of the efforts made by the Experimental School, in nurturing high-quality talent.

It's worth mentioning that the Experimental School took the initiative to get in touch with the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and applied for the new application channel in this selection.

Giving free classes to boost beekeepers' income

Real prosperity is not for individual gains, only through collective benefits can true prosperity flourish.

In 2007, Liu Jinliang left the army and returned to his hometown. He founded Beijing Hometown of Shen Nong Specialized Cooperative. As his apiary keeps growing in size and strength, Liu Jinliang has never forgotten his fellow villagers. He assists the low-income beekeepers by offering on-site and remote technical guidance, and gives free online live-streaming classes to impart new beekeeping techniques on other beekeepers.

As of now, Liu Jinliang has helped about 200 beekeepers in the Miyun District of Beijing Municipality increase their income and become prosperous. He has also extended beekeeping techniques to around 70,000 beekeepers in areas like Chengde and Zhangjiakou in Hebei province with online and offline approaches.

To learn diligently and practise lifelong learning

The more you know, the more earnestly you act.

Only by mastering the theoretical tools of science can one enhance the courage and skills for hard work. With the initial goal of promoting local agricultural development and leading the fellow villagers to prosperity, Liu Jinliang returned to school at the beginning of 2023. He enrolled in the Business Administration at the OUC’s Experimental School, learning modern corporate systems and business management. He aspires to become an inter-disciplinary professional with knowledge in both management and technology.

He said that the learning at the OUC Experimental School has enabled him to transform from a once clumsy learner who was lacking proper learning methods and essentials, into one who has formed the habit of “squeezing in and making” time for learning. This change has allowed his thoughts to drive his actions and make his actions more effective.

The beekeeping industry is faced with grassroots frontline labourers, which comes with significant challenges and numerous problems. Liu Jinliang said, "With the earnest guidance of the teachers and the exemplary influence of outstanding alumni, I can better solve the problems I face and enhance my confidence in revitalizing the beekeeping industry to lead my fellow villagers towards prosperity".

To revitalise rural areas and brew a "sweet business"

Youth shines through trials, and life elevates through endeavours.

On the occasion of furthering the learning and application of the experiences of the “Green Rural Revival Programme”, Liu Jinliang is working hard to transform the traditional beekeeping cooperative and establish a modern corporate system, in order to enable the beekeepers to be both shareholders and employees. This not only allows the fellow villagers to increase their income but also to enjoy social security benefits. Liu Jinliang streamlined the entire beekeeping industry chain, serving the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Meanwhile, the industrial upgrading has attracted more people within the younger generation to engage in modern agriculture, ensuring the continuation of the beekeeping industry.

With a mission on his shoulders, Liu Jinliang is confident that he can get better rooted at the grassroots for rural revitalisation with the support of the university and through the guidance of teachers.

Extended reading

The "Capital Citizen Learning Stars" selection is organised by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission. It aims to commend citizens who practise lifelong learning, and take learning as a way of life. They forge ahead with enthusiasm and make greater contributions to promoting the development of a learning society in the capital. The selection respects labour, knowledge, talent, and creativity, fostering a positive atmosphere of “lifelong learning pursued by all anytime and anywhere" throughout the society. It focuses on building an education service system that serves lifelong learning for all, promotes the development of a high-quality learning city, and contributes to the development of the capital in the new era.


Written by Yan Xiaohui with the photo provided by Liu Jinliang, Reprinted from OUC WeChat Official Account