To celebrate traditional Chinese culture and foster a stronger bond between teachers and students, the Experimental School of the Open University of China (OUC) organised a unique event in honor of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The theme was “Experiencing Chinese tea culture at a Mid-Autumn ceremony for teachers and students”. Thanks to the active participation of alumni and teachers from all class years, the atmosphere was vibrant and lively.

Apart from the alumni and teachers who attended in person, the Experimental School also livestreamed the ceremony for fans of tea culture who couldn't attend the event. In the livestream, viewers actively engaged with enthusiastic comments and showered the event with likes, immersing themselves in the tea ceremony where alumni and teachers reunited.


For the event, the Taetea Group was specially invited. Specifically, Master Wang Chunxiao gave a lecture on tea culture to the alumni and teachers, and also performed a traditional tea ceremony. Through Master Wang's captivating presentation, those in attendance gained a deeper appreciation for the rich and profound traditions of tea culture. Following the lecture, a tea master brewed some Pu’er tea, guiding the alumni and teachers through the tasting process, leaving a lingering aroma on their lips and teeth.

As excitement mounted at the event, the tea master guided attendees through the brewing process of Pu’er Tea. Those watching the livestream also had the chance to learn the art of brewing Pu’er Tea up close. Everyone was captivated by the beauty of the tea culture.

Amidst the lingering aroma of tea, alumni and teachers sipped their brew, savored the refreshment, and reminisced about their shared experiences. Though the tea ceremony concluded, the allure of the tea arts remained etched in their hearts.

The event offered a valuable opportunity for OUC alumni and teachers to engage, exchange ideas, and connect both online and offline. Additionally, it reinforced the bonds between teachers and students, as well as among the students themselves. Moving forward, the Experimental School of OUC will remain committed to the principles of open education, striving to identify the real needs of its teachers and students while continuously offering a wide range of online and offline activities for them.


By OUC Experimental School