The Ministry of Education has recently released a list of recommendations for the "2023 National New Era 'Common People Learning Stars' and 'Lifelong Learning Brand Programmes' Initiatives".

Two individuals from the Open University of China (OUC)—commonly known as the Senior University of China (SUC)—have been recognised as “Common People Learning Stars”. Additionally, three programmes from the OUC have been designated as “Lifelong Learning Brand Programmes”.

Recently, Yu Jing, a faculty member from the Department of Student Affairs and Teacher Development, has been recognissed as a "Common People Learning Star in the New Era" for 2023. This marks the first time an employee of OUC has received this distinction.

For many years, Yu Jing has been deeply committed to the field of lifelong education. Upholding her initial aspirations, she has consistently focused on the cultivation and professional development of teachers. She previously served as a publicist for the three national standards governing adult education and training services. She has garnered several prestigious titles, including "Distinguished Teacher in Continuing Education" within China's distance and continuing education industry, as well as "Outstanding Judge" and "Outstanding Volunteer" in the "I'm a Good Lecturer" National Championship. Additionally, she has received multiple accolades such as "Outstanding Party Member," "Advanced Individual in Poverty Alleviation," and "Outstanding Individual."

Seek truth and pursue learning, practise what one preaches and work hard

Thus far, Yu Jing has consistently viewed learning not merely as an activity, but as a life philosophy, a spiritual endeavour, and a lifelong pursuit.

Since 2010, she has dedicated a minimum of two hours daily to intellectual pursuits, having extensively read over 500 books. She distills, synthesizes, and internalizes the essence of these works, integrating the acquired knowledge into her own intellectual framework. This restructured body of knowledge has proven invaluable in various domains, including academics, professional endeavors, personal life, and volunteer service.

Endeavour to promote lifelong learning as a role model

Yu Jing has previously served as a publicist for three national standards pertaining to adult education and training services. Additionally, in her leisure time, she has functioned as a part-time tutor, aiding students in subjects such as Management of Individuals and Teams. In this capacity, she seamlessly integrates national benchmarks with the concept of lifelong learning. Utilizing her own learning experiences and tangible case studies, she has elucidated the significance and value of lifelong education for adult learners. Transforming her personal penchant for reading into a communal asset, Yu Jing has guided an increasing number of people towards the enriching habit of reading, thereby creating broader societal value. On one notable occasion, she engaged an audience of approximately 4,800 individuals, sharing her reading experiences to inspire a larger commitment to this educational pursuit.


Uphold core principles while innovating, and fully commit to lifelong education

As a practitioner in the field of lifelong education, Yu Jing diligently fulfills her duties and responsibilities. With the support and collaboration of her leaders and colleagues, she contributes to the construction of a lifelong education system in four key areas: the operation of lifelong learning projects, the development of learning platforms for teachers, the cultivation of a culture for lifelong learning, and participation in research on lifelong learning. She plays a significant role in aiding the university's transition to a digital platform and in the implementation of digital education.


Proceed with courage and enterprise, serve the community with sincerity, and advance the common good

Yu Jing is an active participant in charitable activities and makes substantive contributions to community work. Amidst the critical stages of the pandemic, she exemplified the ideals of Party membership by engaging in prevention and control measures at both the university and community levels. Additionally, she heeds the call to participate in public service initiatives organised by OUC.

Moving forward, I will remain deeply engaged in the field of lifelong education, committed to fostering a society and nation where the pursuit of lifelong learning is universal. My passion and perseverance will guide this endeavour.