The Beijing Education Commission recently announced the winners of the Beijing regional contest for the 9th China International Internet Plus College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

The Experimental School of the Open University of China (OUC) secured eight 1st place, eighteen 2nd place, and nineteen 3rd place awards. The school earned the highest number of first-place awards in the vocational-education category for the Beijing region and was also recognised with a title for excellence in organisation.

Upon the initiation of the competition, the OUC Experimental School has accorded significant emphasis to this event. Consequently, a dedicated leadership team was established to devise a comprehensive plan for participation. Central to this effort was the aim of aligning with the event's objective: the holistic cultivation of students encompassing moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and manual domains. Actions were introduced to seamlessly blend the pedagogical practices of innovation and entrepreneurship. This not only invigorated the students’zeal for innovative endeavors but also sought to pioneer novel trajectories for learner advancement. The ultimate vision is to nurture elite innovators and establish a robust platform for the confluence of educational and industrial sectors. Concurrently, there have been concerted initiatives to strategize, oversee, and support students' exemplary entrepreneurship projects, especially in line with the learner development objectives for application-oriented professionals at the OUC.

Under the guidance of the Experimental School, the event witnessed approximately 900 registrations from educators and students, marking an unprecedented achievement in both the number and quality of projects for the competition. Additionally, both external and internal experts were engaged to provide training and mentorship through both online and offline modalities. Furthermore, the school's teaching staff offered dedicated tutoring and assistance to participants over the summer break.

The event comprised multiple stages, including online selection and university-level road shows, regular training, intensive training, and municipal-level online selection and finals. The Beijing regional finals for the vocational education category took place on 8-9 August. All 26 projects submitted by the OUC Experimental School advanced to the onsite contest, with 6 projects reaching the top 20 qualifying round. Among the 35 participating institutions, the OUC Experimental School led in terms of the number of projects entered into the competition. Additionally, two of its projects have been selected for the national finals.

In accordance with the evolving demands of the new era and current educational contexts, the OUC Experimental School will persist in using competition as a pivotal mechanism to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship education. Our aim is to cultivate a sense of innovation and entrepreneurship among students, broaden their innovative perspectives, and enhance their innovative capacities, ultimately contributing to the national innovation development strategy.


By OUC Experimental School