Recently, Zhu Xiaoqi, a student in the University for Older Adults of the Open University of China (OUC), was named a "Common People Learning Star 2022”, as recommended by the China Adult Education Association.

She was admitted to Northeast Petroleum University in 1982, and has received postgraduate education. She was employed in petroleum-market development, and studied and worked abroad for several years. In 2021, she became a student at the OUC University for Older Adults. She once took five courses in one semester, practicing genuine "aging in learning".


Enjoying the learning experience

Since the spring semester of 2021, nearly 40 in-person classes of various kinds have been offered at the OUC’s Weigongcun campus. They are rich in content, covering social communication, health care, travel, shopping, financial services, news, mobile photography, online learning, and “smart” life. With so many high-quality courses to choose from, Zhu Xiaoqi opted to take five at once. The courses she chose were distinctive, timely, and practical.

The course "Family Story Writing" teaches how to look back on the past from a personal perspective. The course “From Plain to Beautiful” appeals to older women, with teachers and students sharing clothing tips. The "Recitation" class has humourous and patient teachers who convey correct pronunciation and rhythm during recitations, and the courses “Short Mobile-phone Videos” and "Micro-film Production" teach the use of smartphones to create short films step-by-step. With these courses, Zhu Xiaoqi opened new vistas of learning for herself.

Learning practical skills and using them creatively

The courses at the OUC University for Older Adults are valuable and wide-ranging. Zhu Xiaoqi decided to integrate what she was learning by working as a director, scriptwriter, film editor and actress all at the same time. Drawing on her language abilities, she recorded a recitation of the poem "If Life Cheated You" in Chinese, English and Russia, hoping to inspire listeners to overcome difficulties and enjoy life.

Her work received a wide audience of teachers and students. She has shown that older learners can not only gain knowledge and skills, but be productive in their use of them, gaining fulfillment and happiness.

Happy in a dynamic campus culture

The Weigongcun campus has modern facilities for various forms of teaching, including both offline and online, providing learning and enjoyment while strengthening interpersonal relationships.

By the OUC University for Older Adults