Zhu Guiquan joined the army in November 1987 and the Communist Party of China in October 1994, and began serving as the main engine technician in the electromechanical department of a naval ship in January 1995.

In spring 2005, he enrolled in the major of Administrative Management at the Bayi School of the Open University of China (OUC), and graduated from the undergraduate programme in July 2011. He was discharged from the navy in December 2017, and joined Huadian GE Aero Gas Turbine Equipment in September 2018 as technical-service director.
In his 30 years of navy service, Zhu Guiquan participated in more than 40 major exercises. He was awarded the Merit Citations Classes II and III twice each, and was named a“model of growth through learning” by the navy in May 2000 and January 2005, one of the“top 10 outstanding Navy youth” in May 2004, an“excellent non-commissioned army officer” in September 2004, an“excellent CPC member” in June 2005, an“advanced individual of growth through learning in the army” in July 2005, and one of the "top 10 outstanding youths of Shandong Province" in January 2007. He was also given the first prize for “excellent army talents” in November 2005, and a special government allowance by the State Council in 2008.

Zhu Guiquan is a marine gas-turbine technician for both research and manufacturing, and his accomplishments have been covered by all the major Chinese media.

Gas turbines are essential to vessel maneuverability. Over the years, Zhu Guiquan has made bold technical breakthroughs and solved difficult problems. Through his rich 30 years of military experience, Zhu Guiquan has made outstanding contributions to promoting the development of marine gas turbines and the training of related talent. At present, he is a visiting professor and supervisor at a naval college and a university, and has students all along the Chinese coast.

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