Sun Yumei graduated from Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities in 1987, and since then has been working conscientiously within the RTVU system.

Dedicated to the border and ethnic-minority areas of western China

After graduating in 1987, she was assigned to work at the Radio and TV University (RTVU) of Inner Mongolia’s Xilingol League. The area had a low level of development, and was in great need of talent in the early 1980s. Many of the people sent there did their best to leave, but she has no thought of that, and remained steadfast in her teaching and research.

Sun Yumei loves her work, is diligent, and has received considerable praise from students and fellow teachers for her serious attitude, lively lectures, broad knowledge, and profound understanding of her field. She has developed a good reputation both in the community and the RTVU system, and has worked hard to promote local distance education.

Constantly striving for innovative teaching reform

Sun Yumei is deeply involved in teaching reform, and due to teacher shortages has taught a wide variety of courses, including Marxist philosophy, History of Chinese Legislation, Introduction to Economic Law, Financial Laws and Regulations, Contemporary Chinese Politics, and so on. Her dedication and responsibility have made her approach each course with a serious attitude.

Her interest in teaching reform centres around the use of information technology in distance education. Her multi-media courseware was given a national RTVU award in 2002;in 2003, another courseware she developed won an award, and she came second in a teaching-skills competition; and in 2004, she won more awards for her innovative teaching and courseware. Her overall quality has made her an indispensible teacher in local colleges and universities.

Dedicated to both education and research

Professor Sun Yumei has put a great deal of effort into the cause of distance education through her research and writing. A strong area of focus for her has been incorporating political education into online offerings, and she has won a number of regional awards for her work in this area; she has also been deeply concerned with continuing education in ethnic-minority regions of the west of China, focusing on the use of technology in distance education, and winning a number of awards for this as well. These achievements show not only her love of the RTVU system and the cause of distance education, but also her independent thinking about how to develop modern distance education in western border and ethnic-minority areas.

Sun Yumei’s devotion to the cause of distance education in the west has given her strong influence in the region, and she has received over 30 awards for teaching and research there. She has also led 6 distance-education projects at or above the provincial level, and published about 30 papers on distance education, totaling over 120,000 words. For her outstanding performance, she has been named a core teaching-team member by China Central Radio and TV University, appointed to the Inner Mongolia Distance Education Society, the Steering Committee for Scientific Research of Higher Education in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and as a lecturer of Political Theory and Law for the CPC Xilingol League Committee. She was also elected a delegate to the Ninth CPC Congress of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2011, named president of the Inner Mongolia RTVU system in 2017, given a level-one professorship in 2007 and a level-three in 2011, and appointed executive vice president of the Xilingol League Radio and TV University of Inner Mongolia in 2008. Her persistence has paid off, and she has had a strong influence on many students over the last 30-plus years.

Working to train other teachers

With her 30 years of experience, and as an RTVU teaching leader, Sun Yumei attaches great importance to helping new teachers grow, and has been building a teaching and management team dedicated to teaching reform and course-resource construction at the Xilingol League RTVU. The adult-education market has long been focusing on quantity at the expense of quality, and Sun Yumei’s aim has been to reverse this, and to put social benefits ahead of economic ones.

As team leader she focuses on making good use of information technology and giving the students effective guidance while pushing them to constantly improve. This team is creative, cohesive and capable, and has the respect and trust of both students and the local community. The 10 years from 2008 to 2018 represented the most difficult decade in the development of RTVUs. Xilingol RTVU constantly adapts its offerings to the economic and social needs of the time, and over that period its student numbers grew from less than 200 to over 4,000; it also received numerous awards then for its educational and social achievements.

Sun Yumei has always remained steadfast in her aims, rigorous in her academic approach, and selfless in her devotion, striving to help distance education advance in the Xilingol League of Inner Mongolia and western ethnic-minority areas.

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