Huang Fengjie started studying at the Haizhu Campus of Guangzhou Radio and TV University (Guangzhou RTVU) in September 2014. He was a junior college student majoring in mechanical manufacturing and automation (numerical control technology) and graduated in July 2017. He currently works as a tutor at Guangzhou Technician College.

From 15-19 October 2017, WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017, also known as the Skills Olympics, was held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Huang Fengjie was honoured to to participate in the Prototype Modelling competition on behalf of China for the first time and was delighted to win a gold medal. Looking back over the past two years of hard training for the competition, he has a lot of feelings. Recalling the intensive training, selection process, and finals, he was deeply aware of the weight of this gold medal, a crystallisation of the hopes and efforts of a large team of people.

Clear goals and firm beliefs

This is the first time that China has taken part in the Prototype Modelling project at the WorldSkills competition. The Prototype Modelling project aims to make the future products designed by the designer a reality. The competitors are required to be familiar with existing cutting-edge NC processing technology, 3D printing technology, and PC 3D modelling to produce engineering drawings; know how to operate traditional lathes, milling machines, and drilling machines; be familiar with handcraft skills; and understand shovelling, planning, grinding, and painting techniques. The equipment used in this project is complex. Compared with other projects, the prototype modelling project is required to master more difficult technologies. Since China does not have a lot of experience in this type of competition, the Chinese competitors had to spare no efforts in achieving their goal during the intensive training period. On one hand, they had to learn new techniques; on the other hand, they had to explore handcraft methods and the use of tools. At the time, there was no special training base. The students who participated in the intensive training had to shuttle between two campuses. During the process, many of the students who entered the training camp of the same session gave up. In January 2016, Guangzhou had its first snowfall in decades and Huang Fengjie suffered from frostbite. Since the prototype modelling project belongs to the manufacturing category, gloves are not allowed during the training process. Despite the pain he was suffering, Huang Fengjie endured and persisted in the training, believing that he should fight to the bitter end no matter what difficulties he met along the way.

Never give up, never be afraid of failure

In June 2016, Huang Fengjie participated in the Guangdong Provincial Selection Competition. He performed well in the intensive training prior to the competition and he always ranked first in each test, so the provincial competition coaches had high expectations for him. He himself felt that he would be undoubtedly promoted to the Guangdong Provincial Training Team based on his first-ranking scores. However, the final results left him disappointed. He only ranked fourth, barely enough to qualify for the provincial training team. After the competition, the coaching team analysed his score and he also engaged self-reflection. He realised that details are the key to success and that he lacked rigour, precision, and integrity. To this end, he consciously honed his mind, cultivated good habits, and gave himself encouragement so that he could take back first place.

During this time, his training truly intensified and he often doubled the amount of work assigned by the coach. In particular, two weeks before the national competition, he reduced the time for the two sets of tasks from three days to 24 hours. Sometimes he would stay up until 2am or 3am before going back to the dormitory. In this way, after a long period of hard training, he took back the first place in the national selection competition and first in several knock-out tournaments.

Modest and diligent

Huang Fengjie realised that on this road, he may make many achievements and receive many honours but he should never forget his original intention. If he can't follow his heart and move forward steadily, he may lose everything. During the Sino-Japanese exchange competition in September 2017, he observed that the players from Japanese companies were rigorous and calm when performing each operation, making each movement, and making each set of programmes. Even if they made a mistake during the operation, you could seldom detect even a trace of anxiety on their faces or in their movements. Moreover, the Japanese players’ routine movements were of an extremely high standard, avoiding the operation mistakes caused by bad habits.

In the intensive training that followed, his coach also imposed high standards on him. However, he was very grateful to his coach for his hard training and efforts. During the competition in Abu Dhabi, the players had to clean the lathe after use and would be deducted points if the referee found any dust. Since he had already developed good habits in this respect, of all the players he barely lost any points in terms of health and safety and hygiene during the whole competition.

Never forget to be grateful to the people behind your success

Huang Fengjie and other students succeeded on behalf of China and China gave them many rewards and honours in return. He was named a National Technical Expert for winning the World Gold Medal and was promoted to senior technician. He was also given awards such as 2017 Guangzhou Top Ten Role Model, Guangzhou Outstanding Youth, Guangzhou Urban Spirit Role Model, and Guangdong May Fourth Youth Medal.

Looking back on his experiences over the past two years, Huang Fengjie wanted to express his gratitude for all the people behind this gold medal. The concern, encouragement, and guidance of his leaders and teachers made him feel that "achieving dreams through skills" is not an empty goal. The training conditions and service guarantee provided by the school enable him to quickly learn cutting-edge technology and equipped him with high-level skills. The trust and encouragement of each teacher from the coaching team and the competition team taught him that to be a master of technology you have to adhere to the spirit of a craftsman.

Achievements and honours fade with time but what lingers is the enduring belief that "skills help to achieve a brilliant life” and the determination to "aspire to reach the peak of one’s skills.” Huang Fengjie has become a teacher now. He is deeply aware that to be a good teacher, a fundamental aspect is to make teaching and cultivating other people your own mission. One must improve one's own quality in teaching, continue to learn and seek new understanding, and purify one's soul in educating people. As an educator, he hopes to stick to his own post under the leadership of the CPC and do his work creatively, making contributions to the cause of education in China and striving to make new achievements. He believes that he should live up to his own responsibilities and the mission of the CPC and the people, and to pass down the skills that he has learned and mastered to his students with the same care and concern that he has received, leading them on the road to success. He believes that he should endeavour to explain the spirit of craftsmanship and practice the skills of his dreams.

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