Xie Wei currently works as a political commissar in the Songbei Team of Harbin Public Security Traffic Police Detachment. He started in the administrative management major at China Central Radio & TV University in September 2011 and graduated in January 2014.

From February 1988 to October 2004, he served as a field police officer and squadron leader of Daowai Traffic Police Team. From October 2004 to date, he served as the squadron leader, deputy chief, and political commissar of the Songbei Team. He has won many honorary titles, such as 33rd Harbin Labour Model, 4th "Lao Dingfeng" Cup Top Ten Harbin Citizens' Favourite Policemen, Municipal Party Committee Top Ten Role Models of Honest Governance, Outstanding Party Affairs Worker, Outstanding Party Member Policemen within the Municipal Political and Legal System, and 4th Harbin “Most Beautiful Traffic Policemen”.

Diligent, studious, and constantly improving professional quality and work ability

Xie Wei attaches great importance to study in his daily life and work. He is familiar with laws and regulations, constantly improves his professional quality, deepens the implementation of “party building studies”, maintains the principle of learning one step at a time, and earnestly understands the spirit of important instructions from the Party Central Committee and the spirit of a series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping. At the same time, he constantly enriches his learning content. While studying in the administrative management major at China Central Radio and TV University from September 2011 to January 2014, he was very diligent and made great efforts to truly understand the content of what he was studying, which rapidly improved his comprehensive quality. Since graduation, he has been able to apply his studies in his practical work, laying a solid foundation for better work.

Industrious, honest, and always adhering to the high moral line of a cadre with Party membership

During his daily work, Xie Wei strictly executes each work deployment from the Party Committee, leads the police and the auxiliary police to “remain true to their original aspirations and keep their missions firmly in mind”, carries forward “the spirit of the traffic police”, aims to serve the development of Harbin new districts, and spares no effort in the construction of a “civilised, efficient, honest” law enforcement team in order to provide a traffic guarantee with better orders and smooth traffic status as well as good business environment for the construction of Harbin's new districts. As the brigade leader, he takes the lead in putting forward the idea that the management of the police leaderships should be given priority to the management of the policemen, that all the policemen should keep up with the brigade leadership team, and that the leadership team should keep up with the head of the brigade. On a number of occasion, he has organised for the Party branch of the brigade to hold special learning promotion meetings on “party building studies”. As the chief Party and government official of the brigade, he constantly overcomes his own shortcomings, adhering to the concept of “building the police for the public and enforcing the law for the people.” He truly practices caring for the people and fulfilling his duties with a strong sense of responsibility and affection for Party work.

Implementing “Two Responsibilities” in order to intensify the rectification of police working style and optimise the business environment to ensure a new level of standardised development for the police team

Guided always by the spirit of the Party’s “19th National Congress”, Xie Wei makes deepening the implementation of Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as the core of his actions, makes building a well-off society in an all-round way his guide, and regards “running the Party strictly and governing the police sternly” as a breakthrough. He strongly enforces the implementation of the “Two Responsibilities”, intensifying the rectification of his working style and optimising the business environment to ensure a new level of standardised development for the police team. Since the opening and operation of Wanda Culture and Tourism City, which has led to a sharp increase in passenger and vehicle flow, the traffic organisation and management under Xie’s jurisdiction has been severely tested. In the face of these opportunities and challenges, Xie Wei actively led the police to provide an on-site service, assisting the companies in delimiting more than 1,500 parking berths. Through their great efforts, the traffic around Wanda City has improved considerably, which has been highly praised by both the enterprises and the visitors.

Working in a standardised way, serving people with no effort spared in order to fully advance the “four zero” service system

United as one, Xie Wei led all of the police and auxiliary police in the brigade to make great progress in various tasks and team building, with a number of their efforts being ranked first among the city's brigades. After the provincial “four zero” (a service quality guarantee system initiative to ensure that better service is provided to the public) service system Harbin meeting, Xie Wei put forward the working manifesto of “standardised and unlimited service” in order to further standardise the office order, optimise the service environment, improve the service quality, improve work efficiency. As a result, the office hall has been comprehensively adjusted and improved and has won praise from the public. At the same time, he personally designed and improved the six functional areas of the office hall: the public area, processing area, information area, self-service area, publicity area, and waiting area. Through active coordination with the district courts, justice bureau, and other departments, the construction of the “judge studio to deal with complaints and mediations”, “people's mediation room”, and “administrative mediation room” have been improved. This has effectively safeguarded the interests of the public, resolved conflicts and disputes, promoted social harmony, improved the satisfaction rate of the public with regards to the handling of traffic accidents, and improved the service quality of the brigade to a new level.

Looking out for campus traffic safety

In view of the traffic congestion in front of the school gate in the morning at Songbei District Primary School Attached to Normal University, No. 95 Middle School, and Qianjin Central Primary School, Xie Wei led joint traffic safety activities on the campuses in order to enhance the traffic safety awareness of teachers and students, and dispatched extra female auxiliary police to carry out the “small hands holding big hands” school support activity. In addition, he assisted the schools in optimising the construction of surrounding traffic hardware, such as adding isolated anti-collision barrels, adding no parking lines in front of the school, adding speed bumps, traffic signs, and monitoring cameras. This move was well received by the school and the parents, and was positively reported on by the local media.

“Battle disease and overcome ailments”: Taking the lead and encouraging morale

From ordinary policeman to brigade commissar, Xie Wei has never left the three-feet traffic post. Whether as a squadron leader or a brigade leader, he insists on being on duty during the morning and evening peak times. At the beginning of 2017, Xie Wei suffered from lower limb oedema but he kept working despite his illness. On 17 April, he was diagnosed with membranous nephritis by renal biopsy. The doctor advised him to rest, otherwise he would have to live on dialysis. However, he only stayed in the hospital for ten days, and then, despite the doctor's advice, he threw himself into the “great renovation” of the traffic system. As he was taking hormonal drugs, he quickly gained more than 10kg and experienced different levels of facial and leg oedema. However, he overcame his illness and went back to working on the front line. His high spirits inspired the rest of the brigade policemen; as a result, they strictly implemented each work deployment and ranked first in terms of improvement comprehensive evaluations. During events such as the International Marathon, Dragon Boat Festival, and the Beer Festival, Xie Wei was not only the commander, but also the combatant; despite his illness, he always insisted on being on the frontline with his comrades and giving full play to the exemplary role of a Party cadre.

Like a tree deeply rooted in the soil, 30 years of perseverance have linked Xie Wei to the land and the people of Songbei. He is a shining example for Songbei.

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