At the 2016 spring graduation ceremony held at Shenzhen Radio and Television University (Shenzhen RTVU), one very special graduate captured people’s attention. Although she is wheelchair-bound, she was one of the most successful RTVU graduates, making the other graduates feel envy rather than sympathy. That student is Ou Shaojuan from Shenzhen RTVU’s School for the Disabled. During her time studying at Shenzhen RTVU, Ou Shaojuan obtained two junior college certificates, two undergraduate certificates, and a bachelor’s degree.

Ou Shaojuan was born with a disability of her lower limbs. She works at Shenzhen Website for the Disabled, which is sponsored by Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation. As a physically-challenged person, Ou Shaojuan often comes up against difficulties. However, such obstacles haven’t quenched her passion for study. Shenzhen RTVU provides a distance education platform for the disabled and offers rich learning resources for its students. In such an environment, Ou Shaojuan studied hard across four majors and obtained two junior college diplomas in Law and E-Commerce. 

As one of the first batch of graduates from the junior college distance education programme for the disabled, Ou Shaojuan didn’t stop there. She continued her undergraduate studies at Shenzhen RTVU and obtained undergraduate graduation certificates in English and Social Work, and a bachelor’s degree certificate in Social work. Ou Shaojuan was also given the honour of “Outstanding Graduate” by Shenzhen RTVU on two occasions.
While studying at Shenzhen RTVU, Ou Shaojuan obtained a National Psychotherapist Professional Qualification and Primary Social Worker Qualification in her spare time, and also took a part-time job as a psychological counsellor for the disabled. Ou Shaojuan was recently invited to attend a psychologists conference in Beijing. Huijia Social Affairs Centre also invited her to give a lecture entitled Psychological Adjustments for the Disabled in Social Communications at Buji Professional and Health Care Centre, which was met with a positive response.

“I want to be useful to the community”, Ou Shaojuan says. Now, she is getting closer and closer to this goal.

Looking back at her experiences at Shenzhen RTVU, Ou Shaojuan felt thankful and emotional: “Shenzhen RTVU has helped me to realise my university dream and changed my fate.”

By Yan Jingzhen,