Chen Maofeng was the monitor in the spring 2016 Rural Administrative Management class at Ruian College, Zhejiang Radio and Television University (Zhejiang RTVU), secretary of Shilong Village Party Branch at Gaolou town, and deputy to the fifteenth and sixteenth People's Congress of Ruian city. While serving as deputy to the People’s Congress, he spoke on behalf of farmers in his region.

As the village branch’s secretary, he dared to tackle difficult practical jobs in the best interests of the masses, which helped him win support from locals. As a monitor, he handled well the time conflicts between work and learning, serving as an example for others by studying hard, working enthusiastically, and completing tasks on time. Chen Maofeng is a man who goes all out pursuing his dreams.

Working steadfastly: He promoted the construction of a passenger bus station in the village.

Gaolou Town, Ruian City, where Chen Maofeng lives, enjoys rich tourism resources. The geographical advantages of Zhailiao Creek Village Resort generate substantial traffic to and from Shilong village. However, there isn’t a decent, large bus station near the village. Chen Maofeng's biggest aim was to build a passenger bus station in the village. In his view, building a bus station in Shilong would not only solve the problem of unemployment among villagers, but also improve the village’s economy as a whole, which would enhance villagers’ overall wellbeing.

As early as 10 years ago, Shilong requisitioned a land area totaling 12 mu for the construction of the passenger bus station. But, the project was not undertaken by anyone, and was thus delayed. In 2008, Shilong village held a general election for two committees. Chen Maofeng became a member of the village cadre. After taking office, he immediately began handling the formalities involved in receiving planning approval for the construction of the Zhailiao Creek passenger bus station, a very cumbersome process. In order to move the project forward as quickly as possible, he handled all formalities in person. In 2011, the planned Zhailiao Creek passenger bus station was upgraded from fourth to third level, which greatly promoted local economic development.

Speaking for the people: He implemented the desires of the people.

In 2011, Chen Maofeng was elected deputy to the fifteenth People's Congress of Ruian. Elected as deputy to the People’s Congress through a grassroots campaign, he was often in contact with villagers. He was very down to earth, and knew the conditions people lived in, so he could always present the most pressing, difficult issues facing locals. During the five years after his election, he focused on hot topics such as transportation, education, medical care, housing, and ecological cemeteries, and put forward more than 50 pieces detailing his opinions and suggestions, among which more than 20 pieces were the focus of great attention or were adopted. He is a real deputy who represents the best interests of the people. In 2017, he was elected deputy to the sixteenth People's Congress of Ruian.

To pursue studies, he armed himself with knowledge.

No matter how busy and tired he was from work, Chen Maofeng never gave up his desire to pursue his studies. In the spring of 2016, when he learned that the Ruian College of Zhejiang RTVU had a programme to send education into the countryside, that it had set up teaching points in Gaolou town, and opened a junior college degree class on Administrative Management for Rural Areas, he enrolled in the programme without hesitation. He said that, in his early years, because of family conditions and personal reasons, he did not receive a formal university education, which he always regretted. He cherished this opportunity to re-enroll in school for further studies. He also clearly recognised that the elevation of quality among rural talent is an effective measure to enhance local farmers' income, and a requirement of new rural construction.

At Ruian College, he studied rural administrative management with a rigorous attention and strong work ethic. He listened to lectures carefully, learned with an open mind, and finished learning tasks in a timely manner. As a monitor, he urged classmates to attend lectures in person, and actively organised various class activities that enhanced relations between classmates and built class cohesion. He became a trusted assistant to teachers and a confidant for fellow students.

By China RTVU News, Zhejiang RTVU contributed the story