In 1997, Gu Maochun began working as a teacher at Gansu Radio and Television University (Gansu RTVU). For 20 years, he has earnestly implemented the Party's educational policies, been committed to Gansu RTVU and its mission, followed scientific progress in the field, and continued to improve his teaching. He is uncomplaining in his devotion to his job, and always willing to contribute; strives for perfection, has an innovative mindset, and has contributed to the development of teaching at Gansu RTVU. Recently he was listed by the Gansu Provincial Department of Education as one of the teachers possessing the four ideal teacher qualities.

1. Forging ahead in an innovative way

Gu Maochun teaches and manages in the Accounting department at the RTVU, and has taught over 10 courses, including Financial Management in Group Companies and Accounting Computerisation. He is responsible for the face-to-face teaching of two or more courses each semester, loves his job, and works hard at it. He also makes good use of computer technology, is constantly striving to improve, and has won a good deal of praise from both his colleagues and students.

In 2003, after five years on the job, Gu Maochun was chosen from among hundreds of Finance and Economics teachers in the national RTVU system by the leaders of the China Central Radio and Television University to take part in the construction of the first national online course. Through his solid grounding in the field, he undertook the important task of script development. The online course Corporate Finance was later awarded second prize in 2005 RTVU Multimedia Courseware Competition.

Since then, Gu Maochun has been among the leaders in applying modern technology to education, and has been given a number of awards.

In 2014, he led the construction of the online course of Finance & Accounting Laws and Regulations and Professional Ethics, creatively using the (at the time) state-of-the-art Moodle platform, and applying innovative ideas to course construction. That year the course was named OUC Quality Course.

After the course had been active for one year, Gu Maochun began to look for ways to improve it. In order to provide students a way to learn on their tablets and mobile phones via a WeChat terminal he developed, which ended up placing second in a competition sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

Later, in 2017, the course of Finance, & and Accounting Laws and Regulations, and Professional Ethics courses he had developed won a teacher-achievement award from the Department of Education in Gansu province.

2. Led the construction of new majors and a lab

Since 2016, with Gansu RTVU having to construct its own majors, Gu Maochun has taken the lead in the application and construction of E-commerce major in the direction of agricultural products marketing for the OUC’s Gansu branch, and establishing an undergraduate-level e-commerce programme, also directed toward agricultural products marketing. He was mainly responsible for designing talent-training programme and for establishing the rules and other aspects of the construction of new majors. This is demanding work, which he approached through diligent research and a scientific mindset, leading to widespread acclaim for his efforts.

In 2017, Gu Maochun participated in establishing an e-commerce lab for colleges and universities in Gansu Province – the first such lab since the establishment of Gansu RTVU.

3. A teaching reformer and a diligent worker

In terms of programme management, course construction, teaching and counseling, Gu Maochun’s achievements have been widely recognised. His teaching is up-to-date, his attitude to his students is warm, and he is always willing to take on extra work when necessary.

As a teacher, he is deeply aware of the importance of continuous learning, and always engaged in upgrading his own professional knowledge and IT skills, as well as being active in teaching reforms..In 2008, he was awarded as an advancedteacher in the pilot work of web-based course assessment reform in the RTVU.

In particular, since 2013, he has taken the lead in applying “Six-Network Integration” teaching model to the course Corporate Finance he has helped construct.

In 2017, the OUC selected a few of its best teachers from across the RTVU system to form a team charged with constructing digital resources and undertaking distance tutoring.

He was a key member of the teaching team for three core national online courses (Corporate Finance, Financial Management in Business Groups, and Computerised Accounting), taking part in their production, including video resources. He was invited to Beijing many times to record video courses to be used as part of the teaching resources for hundreds of thousands of students across the country. At the same time, he took charge of distance tutoring in Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Shaanxi and Xinjiang, organising teaching and research activities. His work has promoted the reform of online teaching at the OUC.

Gu Maochun has carefully studied the technology used for producing micro lectures, and has continuously improved his ability to create them. He has been invited to nearly ten branches in Gansu province, including Ningxia RTVU and Qinghai RTVU, to teach this skill, and has given a series of well-received micro lectures at the OUC, Guangdong Open University, and Qinghai RTVU.

4. Research, teaching, and overall improvement

Gu Maochun has kept his focus on education, teaching, scientific research, and the improvement of his teaching and research abilities. He has published more than ten academic papers in domestic journals, four textbooks, and one monograph. He is also active in a number of studies, presiding over two for the Gansu Department of Education, and one at the university level.
In 2017, Gansu RTVU established four university-level teaching teams for the first time, and he served as the head of the Accounting team, leading it to a successful research application and the construction of a textbook and an online course. His team is now applying to the OUC for more research funding, and he is guiding his team of young teachers to devote themselves to scientific research and overall self-improvement.

By Gansu RTVU