I am a primary-school teacher and a student at the Handan Radio and Television University (Handan RTVU). Before enrolling there, I had been working as a teacher, following my dream. But after starting work, I found that my training was insufficient. As General Secretary Xi Jinping has said, “A dream starts with learning, and a career with practice. These days, what we need to know changes rapidly, and slacking off means falling behind.

As it is said, ‘One is never too old to learn,’ and ‘Everyone’s world is a circle, and learning is its radius.’ The larger the radius, the bigger one’s world.” In my opinion, learning is a kind of essential nutrition. 

Li Yangyang, female, 26, majoring in Educational Administration at the Hebei branch of the Open University of China (OUC)

Whenever I feel confused in my teaching, I think of the methods I have learnt at the RTVU, which inspire me to create new ways of teaching, use teaching aids to help my students, and strive to help improve my country as a qualified teacher.
Every time I encounter a setback, I call to mind the encouragement of my teachers and fellow classmates at the RTVU, which gives me the strength to overcome difficulties, to forge ahead, and to treat frustrations as touchstones. I fully believe that “April showers bring May flowers”.

Whenever I have trouble communicating, I recall what I learned about psychology at the RTVU: be friendly to others, show them your true feelings, and use love to influence them. I always keep in mind that a person who loves will be loved, and a person who respects will be respected.

As an educator, I need to enhance my skills, be sincere with my students, work to “preach, teach and dispel doubt”, and always persevere.

I am sure that everyone’s learning experience is different. My two years at the RTVU have become the light of my life: I have learned not only how to teach but how to behave, have gained wisdom, made up for my regrets, and followed my dream.

In looking back, I feel no regrets, even though time passes so fast, without leaving any marks. When I was young, instead of choosing a comfortable life, I continued my studies at the RTVU. I am never satisfied with what I have achieved. The more I read, the more I understand, and the more I learn, the more I know that “Without climbing a high mountain, one can never know how high the sky is; without stepping into a deep stream, one can never know how thick the earth is”.
(This speech won third prize in the OUC “My Learning Story” speech contest.)