On October 13th, the National Opening Ceremony of the 2013 Lifelong Learning Activity Week was held in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin. At the ceremony, the list of 104 “Grassroots Learning Stars” was revealed, including Shao Denghui, who was recommended by Ningbo Radio and TV University (RTVU, aka Ningbo Community College.

69-year old Shao Denghui served as director of the Political Office of the Ningbo Institute of Architectural Design and Research (also Director of the Inspection Discipline Office) before retiring to concentrate on intensive study of Party theory and writing. He was regarded as a model of scholarship by his classmates and colleagues. Shao enlisted in the army after graduating from high school, and in 1990 realized a personal dream when he enrolled in the Correspondence School of the the Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C in 1990 as an undergraduate student. After graduating from the School with excellent grades and an award for “Excellent Student in Ningbo School District” at the age of 54. In 2011, 68-years old Shao Denghui went back to school again, this time to learn English and computer science at the Education Centre for the Elderly at Ningbo RTVU (Ningbo Community College), and learned from young teachers as a “junior” primary student, to complete his dream of studying English in his old age. 

Shao Denghui loved literature all his life, and developed the habit of reading and writing more extensively than ever in recent years. He consistently advocates the concept that “more knowledge comes from extensive reading, excellent papers coming from diligent writing.” To improve the quality of his reading, he has developed the habit of collecting books, clipping newspapers and extracting newspapers and periodicals, generally finding his favorite books in second hand book markets. As a result, he has collected more than 2,000 books. Over the past 50 years, he has completed more than 70 diaries, and published over 30 papers and essays, and one day plans to publish some of his own works in a book.

The subject of this year’s Lifelong Learning Activity Week is “Realizing the Chinese dream — lifelong learning, every person becoming useful,” and to find learning models that can motivate citizens nationwide. The listed “Grassroots Learning Stars” are excellent role models who have performed very well in continuing education and lifelong learning activities, including community education, enterprise education and rural adult education. Their advanced achievements and experience will be popularized. By furthering continuing education and perfecting the lifelong learning system, an increasing number of opportunities and conditions can be provided for people to learn. 

By Ningbo RTVU