Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, the students of the Open University of China (OUC) have implemented the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping on controlling it, following the relevant policies and decisions, shouldering great responsibility, and fighting bravely.

A number of individuals have stood out as models for their courage and loyalty, and cast the OUC student body as a whole in a favourable light. The pandemic is still raging worldwide, and risks of sporadic cases and local outbreaks still exist in China, requiring efforts to continue. Given this situation, the OUC has decided to commend those individuals in order to encourage morale, hold them up as models, and enhance cohesion on the road to ultimate victory.

On 4 September 2020, after notice of this decision was issued by the OUC, its branches, schools and departments organised evaluations as the basis of recommending students within the units.

A meeting for this purpose was held at the OUC on 28 October, and after deliberation decided to name Lin Xu and 106 other students Advanced Individuals Fighting Covid-19.

These students are from all over the country, and include medical workers in Hubei Province; front-line doctors and nurses; secretaries of village Party branches, community workers, public-security officers, bus drivers who remained at work, and volunteers who placed the interests of the group above their own. They stood out at critical moments and made outstanding contributions, demonstrated the engagement of OUC students as a whole. Some have also been named “National Outstanding Party Member”, "National Advanced Individual Fighting Covid-19," "Loveliest Person of the New Era", "Most Beautiful Person Fighting the Epidemic", "Pioneer Combating Covid-19", and so on.

The epidemic continues to pose a challenge, and it is hoped that the honoured students, while cherishing their titles, will persist in their efforts and help lead the way to final victory.


 By Zhang Liwei, OUC