To support and promote the construction of digital learning resources, create new institutional mechanisms, and promote the joint construction and sharing of quality educational resources, the Open University of China (OUC) recently established the Digital Learning Resource Centre (hereinafter referred to as the Centre). The Centre will use cloud technology to build a digital learning resource bank and develop web-based learning platforms for various industries.

The Centre's "one bank, multiple networks" application model enables users to access the resource bank via PC or mobile terminal and enjoy cloud-based study and storage of learning resources.

At present, the Centre has integrated 20 TB of high quality digital learning resources from conventional universities, radio and TV universities, junior and senior vocational colleges, training institutions, educational software development groups and educational institutions in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Western countries. A total of nearly 14,000 degree and non-degree courses are available. The 9266 degree courses include 3912 National Excellent Courses, 1024 open courses from radio and TV universities, 714 higher vocational courses, 850 foreign open courses and 2766 courses from conventional universities and online colleges. For non-degree education, there are 4500 courses and 400,000 minutes of video, including 160,000 minutes of community education, 110,000 minutes of agriculture-related education and 130,000 minutes of non-degree educational training. These have been arranged into thematic resource banks for community education, rural education, security education and enterprise management training.

The Centre has set up a nationwide resource network including 109 branches and 10 demonstration sites throughout the radio and TV university system, conventional universities, junior and senior vocational colleges and training organizations around China. The Centre has also established digital learning resource partnerships with learning resource providers, educational software providers, publishing organizations and social education institutions. The Centre is committed to providing digital learning services to all learners while protecting intellectual property rights, standardizing the purchase and sharing of resources, and formulating mechanisms and models for joint resource construction and sharing. To date, the Centre has registered over 60,000 users and made nearly 5000 free courses available to the public. These courses include over 3000 multimedia courseware items from the digital vocational learning platform attracting over 200,000 visitors and 5,000,000 page views, 3500 open courses on (Student "Village Officials" Learning Site) totaling over 200,000 page views, and 800 open courses on receiving almost 100,000 visits.