Recently, the Open University of China (OUC) held a centralised seminar for the 2024 academic year, focusing on civil and hydraulic engineering majors.

Liu Jianhong, a member of the Party Committee and vice president of Qinghai Open University, graced the event with his presence. Over 70 participants, including heads of civil and hydraulic engineering programmes from various branches and colleges, members of the central teaching and research group, and members of the curriculum online teaching teams, engaged in the seminar. The event was organised by the Department of Civil Engineering at the School of Science and Engineering, OUC.


The seminar was rich with activities, including keynote speeches, achievement showcases, breakout sessions, thematic workshops, and interactive roundtable discussions. The head of the School of Science and Engineering at OUC presented a report entitled "Strengthening OUC's Engineering Majors to Contribute to Building a Leading Country in Education," which delved into the school's current status and the university's educational development mandates. The attending educators engaged in vibrant discussions and comprehensive exchanges on pivotal issues in their field, such as ideological and political education into curriculum, pedagogical reforms, thesis guidance, professional instruction, and team development.

This seminar served as a pivotal platform for educators in the civil and hydraulic engineering disciplines within the educational system, fostering deeper friendships and a shared vision. The exemplary practices and insightful feedback shared during the event will significantly propel and refine future educational endeavours, professional growth, and team building within these majors. These efforts will contribute to the high-quality advancement of civil and hydraulic engineering programmes at the OUC.


Written by Zhang Yafen, photo by Wang Qian, OUC