In alignment with the guiding principles of the 20th CPC National Congress, the Lifelong Education Research Institution at the Open University of China (OUC) organised the 2023 academic activities under the "Open Education Teaching and Research Capacity Enhancement Programme."

This initiative aims to comprehensively enhance academic capacity at the university level, drive systemic reforms, and foster innovations in academia. It further supports the development of the university's digital infrastructure and the establishment of the Seniors University of China. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in implementing the university's comprehensive teacher team building plan, effectively boosting the teaching and research capabilities of faculty and staff members. The event witnessed participation from nearly 30 faculty and staff members across various departments, including teaching, management, technology, and research.

In the course of the event, Xu Mingjun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee at the OUC, awarded certificates to the faculty and staff members chosen for the 2023 programme. He extended his heartfelt congratulations and words of encouragement. Significantly, he urged them to intensify their research efforts, focusing on positioning the country as a leader in education and establishing a world-class open university. This, he emphasised, would greatly contribute to the university's commitment to high-quality research work.


In a significant academic address, Professor An Hexin from the Business School at the Central University of Finance and Economics, delivered an in-depth review of the background, connotation, and objectives of the three core strategies – China's new urbanization strategy, rural revitalization strategy, and the reform of the institutional mechanism for urban-rural integration and development – since the 18th National Congress of the CPC. She further elucidated on the interrelationships among these strategies and offered actionable recommendations to advance their implementation. Notably, Professor An also shared insights on selecting topics and research methodologies aligned with national strategies, urging all participants to focus their research efforts on contributing to the nation's prosperity.

In a subsequent part of the session, Du Ruo, deputy director of the Lifelong Education Research Institution, provided a summary of the training and seminar activities, aligning them with the themes discussed during the seminar. Furthermore, Li Ying, a researcher at the institute, outlined essential requirements and recommendations for the upcoming phases of research.

This seminar not only deepened the theoretical understanding of scientific research but also enabled a comprehensive review of the progress achieved under the 2023 Teaching and Research Capacity Enhancement Plan. Recognising the accomplishments thus far, the sessions successfully sparked increased enthusiasm for research among the teaching staff. This, in turn, enhanced the overall quality of scientific research and significantly contributed to the improvement of professional performance.


Written by Xie Lei, Wang Guan; photographed by Sun Yu, OUC