To further advance the development of new agricultural and medical disciplines, deepen education and teaching reforms, and improve the quality of talent training in these fields, the Open University of China (OUC) recently organised a seminar on agricultural and medical education and teaching reform.

This event also included an onsite evaluation and selection of teaching reform achievements and took place in Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province. The seminar was attended by Su Tianzhao, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of Shanxi Open University; Chang Manzeng, deputy secretary-general of the People’s Government of Yuncheng Municipality; and Li Guangde, dean of the Faculty of Agroforestry and Medicine (Rural Revitalisation College) at the OUC. Additionally, over 140 teachers and academic leaders from the OUC’s headquarters and 32 branches (schools) nationwide participated. Feng Li, vice dean of the Faculty of Agroforestry and Medicine (Rural Revitalisation College) at the OUC, moderated the seminar.


In his speech, Su Tianzhao highlighted the proactive role of Shanxi Open University in advancing agricultural and medical fields. He discussed the "Academic Qualification Upgrading Project for Rural Cadres," which has significantly contributed to rural revitalisation by providing essential talent support, achieving substantial results. Chang Manzeng then presented an overview of Yuncheng City, focusing on its rich history, vibrant culture, and impressive accomplishments in education.


Li Guangde announced the winners of the first session of the evaluation and selection process for achievements in agricultural and medical teaching reform at the OUC, followed by an award ceremony. Representatives from the ten award-winning individuals shared their achievements, while representatives from the four outstanding award-winning units discussed their work experiences.

Jin Yan discussed the strategies for promoting high-quality development in education and teaching at the OUC, focusing on examination reform. Li Guangde shared the primary work and achievements of the Faculty of Agroforestry and Medicine (Rural Revitalisation College) since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and outlined their future work plan. Feng Li presented the exploration and upcoming reform ideas of the Faculty of Agroforestry and Medicine (Rural Revitalisation College) in the context of examination reform.

Yu Caiyuan, Zheng Xiaoyan, Wu Jing, and Cao Qinzhen from the OUC each presented an overview of their respective majors: Chinese Medicine, Health Services and Management, Public Service Management (Health Management), and Public Service Management (Health Management).


The participants engaged in enthusiastic discussions about promoting high-quality agricultural and medical education, teaching reforms, and the construction of digital universities.

During the event, all participants observed a class for ideological and political education and visited Yuncheng Open University's practical training base to conduct a field study.

The participants unanimously agreed that the seminar was rich in content, featuring enthusiastic discussions and ample exchanges. It provided inspiration and fruitful insights, contributing to the high-quality development of education and teaching, as well as the comprehensive improvement of talent training in the agricultural and medical fields.


Written by Cao Qinzheng, photographed by Shao Dandan, OUC