In order to improve the academic and scientific research atmosphere of the Faculty of Political Science and Law, boost teachers' enthusiasm for scientific research, and serve the construction of the open education law major, the Law School of the Open University of China (OUC) Faculty of Political Science and Law held an academic salon on 21 November 2019, with the theme of "Research on the Design and Reform of the Undergraduate Course System of the OUC’s Law Major in the New Era.”

Eleven leaders and teachers from teaching and management departments of the OUC participated in the salon.

A teacher related to the Law School gave a report entitled "Innovation and Practice of the Teaching Quality Assurance System and Teaching Reform in the OUC’s Undergraduate Law Major.” The report shared ideas for promoting the construction of the undergraduate law major from the perspectives of the implementation of new education concepts, measures to improve the quality of teaching in the undergraduate Law major in open education, strategies for reform and innovation of teaching, and solutions to the research problems faced by teachers and students.

The participants discussed the three sub-topics derived from the theme report, namely “The Construction of an Undergraduate Course System for the Law Major,” "Work Related to Thesis Guidance in the Undergraduate Law Major,” and "Examination Model for the Undergraduate Law Major.” They offered opinions on and gave suggestions for system construction and the construction plan for the undergraduate Law major. In addition, they put forward suggestions for the innovation of teaching design, the emphasis on case teaching, the unification of assessment methods, strengthening assessments in the practical and learning process, giving full play to incentive mechanisms including rewarding excellent papers and teaching and research results, implementing a tutor responsibility system, and constructing a mechanism for the cultivation of excellent graduation papers. All of the above laid a good foundation for the upcoming construction of the Law major, an undergraduate programme for senior high school graduates and above.



By Xue Shan, OUC