After a fair, open and widely recognized judgment process, the results of the Third Chinese Excellent Publication Awards came out on 13 September 2010, with the OUC-produced Common Knowledge of Chinese Culture, Common Knowledge of Chinese History and Common Knowledge of Chinese Geography winning.

The CD-ROM set was designed by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters. Its target audience is Chinese learners all over the world. Through videos and flash cartoons, it introduces general knowledge of Chinese culture, Chinese history and Chinese geography in a comprehensive and detailed way. It shows the rich content of Chinese culture, history and geography with lucid words and vivid pictures, making for a programme which is both informative and interesting. The discs have French subtitles and French dubbing as well. It can be used by all kinds of overseas learners who are interested in Chinese language and Chinese culture.

The awards are hosted by The Publishers Association of China. This Prize, the Best Work Award (Five One Project), and Chinese Publication Government Prize are considered to be the three top prizes in the publishing industry in China. The prize is held every two years. This year, the final selection includes 340 excellent publication prizes and excellent essays (including final winners and nominees). It is the second time that the OUC Multimedia Press has won this prize. Go with Love—Psychological Aid for Mental Suffering after Crisis and Disaster won a special prize for Fighting against Earthquake and Disasters in the Second Chinese Excellent Publication Awards.