The OUC has officially announced its 2009 scholarship results, with 3,068 students receiving an award. Among them, 2,529 students received the OUC scholarship; 439 students received the Field of Hope scholarship; and another 100 students won the IET-Sunshine scholarship.

The Field of Hope scholarship, which is part of the One-University-Student-For-One-Village initiative,

was founded in 2009. The IET-Sunshine scholarship is for the disabled students. They demonstrate the OUC's concern for the welfare and development of rural students with special needs, and those students with disabilities. The OUC awarded over RMB 3 million for the pilot units of local universities according to the standard of RMB 1,000 per student, who will publicise their resulting activity through various media.

The OUC scholarship system was established in 2008, with more than RMB 4 million being offered to 4,025 students in radio and TV universities around the country so far, 957 scholarship holders in 2008 and 3,068 in 2009.


By Xu Gang, the OUC