Course Synopsis:

The course is of moderate difficulty with strong practicability and authority. By taking this course, learners can hope to fully understand the teachers’ work and their different roles in online tutoring, as well as the problems tutors might run into and the related solution methods and skills. In addition, learners will study various skills used to strengthen online interactions and experience the different communication styles that teachers employ when tutoring students. Through studying this course, one's faith in online tutoring shall be greatly increased and effective methods and techniques will be acquired.

Course Selling Points:

Fully understand the teachers’ work and their different roles in online tutoring;

Learn about various skills to strengthen online interactions and solve all kinds of problems.

What you will get?

The world’s leading online tutoring theories and practical experience;

Faith, methods and techniques in online tutoring;

Certificate with high value: course completion certificates from the OUUK and the OUC respectively.

Main Content:

Module 1: Course Guide

This is a unique part of the course, the first week will be used to acquaint the learners with the course, platform, technologies, and related learning methods. Experience over the past years proves that this is very helpful and effective.

Module 2: What is Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring teachers offer guidance and help to the learners, in some circumstances, grading the students’ assignments is also included in their work. The teachers are likely to interact online with the students during the entire course learning process, but in the case of blended learning, face-to-face tutoring might also occur in certain situations. Usually the teachers will play several different roles; what are they?

New teachers often make the mistake of addressing a series of questions during one sitting. However, this can be ineffective, since the students tend to gravitate toward addressing only the least difficult questions. How, then, can we break the “deadlock”?

Module 3: Time Management

How can we protect online tutoring teachers from being exhausted from spending too much time replying to student messages? This involves the issue of time management.

Module 4: Role and Effects of Tutoring Teachers

How many roles does a tutoring teacher play and what effect do those roles have?

Module 5: Set Up the Style of Online Tutoring

Ever since the integration of online learning into education, people have believed that organizing group discussions is inseparable from the online tutoring teacher’s specific skills, techniques, or even personal charms. In fact, tutoring encompasses far more than just discussions. In this module, we will learn how to set up our own style of online tutoring.

Module 6: Tackling the Difficulties

What if your students refuse to participate in online interactions? What if they don't reply to your emails nor participate in any group discussions? What if they completely neglect all interactions? What if they run into some technical problems? Or what if they are simply not familiar with the online interactions and they prefer to study on their own?

Let’s learn how to solve these problems effectively!

Come and enroll for the Online Tutoring course. It will be a compulsory course for tutoring students in the new era of online education.

                                                                                                      By Han Yanhui, OUC