Online Education Research is a series of online training courses oriented towards researchers, scientific research administrators and online students etc. in the area of open and distance education as well as for regular universities and colleges.

You will be expected to study online teaching and learning behaviors or to use the Internet to improve your efficiency in data collection, literature review, data analysis and publication of achievements or to develop collaborative research, etc.;

You will be expected to integrate information technology into the whole process of your scientific research, especially in optimizing collaborative research environments and in exploring research cooperation models; 

You will be expected to keep up with the development of data driven research methods. 

The course consists of three major topics, i.e. literacy in information research, collaborative research environments and models, and data driven research methods. Each topic requires you to spend at least 10 hours per week over a period of 6 weeks, during which you will join a small online class of 20 to read material, learn by using tools or have video interaction, seminars, or reflect on specific cases and perform written tasks. Throughout the learning process, you will be supported online by your tutors in regard to study, technical issues or emotional care. Furthermore, evaluation of course satisfaction, and assessment of learning performance will enable you to take control of your studies. And the assessments of performance and results will be possible for you to transfer your academic achievements to work. 

Those of you who complete the course and receive a qualified grade will be awarded an “E-learning Educator” certificate. Moreover, outstanding graduates will be selected for inclusion in the screening data bank for tutoring teachers and thus are likely to become online tutors.

The Open University of China (OUC) is dedicated to the development of high-quality research training programme jointly with experts in the professions. We believe that the progress we make will bring us closer to your needs.  For more information, please visit the course learning platform at


                                                                                                 By Chen Shougang, the OUC