Are you pleased with the convenience and freedom of the Internet?

Are you ever confused by the social chaos created by the Internet?

Do you want to be a leader in the Internet field?

Purpose: Professional Ethics intends to provide learners with the know-how to protect their personal information and take advantage of the conveniences afforded by a society dominated by the Internet. A positive Internet environment is a clear need in this era, and is necessary for people who wish to lead a healthy life, work happily and communicate with others.

Study goals: Tutors work together with learners to complete operational drills and create Q&As, in order to ensure that learners are able to enjoy learning to the best of their abilities. Meanwhile learners will be able to personally experience the Internet ecology and morality during the study process.

Tutor team: Mr. Liu Jingduo, doctoral advisor and commissioner of the National Committee for Moral Education, is head teacher of the course and works together with a team of professors and Ph.D. students to create a community for learners to study MOOCs online and interact with peers offline.

Features: Learners are able to interact with a number of famous teachers; share their personal experiences; work with the Internet at a 5E level standard; nurture good values; and make friends offline.

Course content:

Experiential study guide;
Module 1: Internet moral ecology standards at the 5E level;
Module 2: Healthy internet lifestyles;
Module 3: Integrity, morality and goodness in the Internet society;
Module 4: Internet morality and law;
Module 5: Operational cases of Internet grading;
Module 6: The technical route to the Internet moral ecology.

Internet ecological state: Pursuit of goodness and diversity; backup from the portal website; mutual construction and sharing; openness and sustainability; concentrating on displaying the 5E Internet moral ecological standard.

Experiential study will help to overcome the decline of Internet morality, construct an ecological Internet society, and optimize Internet culture.

The course leads learners to enter an intelligent learning community; share cases about Internet morality; grade themselves according to the 5E standard; quickly master the course concepts, models and routes; and reveal a world that nurtures intelligence and individuality, in order to build a better place where the integration of values and technology, Internet and life, morality and law, and morality and goodness are realized.

Thanks to its rich wisdom, developed technology, constant interaction, and strong values, Professional Ethics offers learners a brand new experience. It aims to unveil a new vision for their career development and ultimately to transform them into leaders of the Internet society.

                                                                                                     By Liu Jingduo, the OUC