On 12 July 2020, the Science and China cloud lecture series jointly created by the Bureau of Academic Divisions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS, CASAD), the National Science Library of CAS, and the Open University of China (OUC) officially launched at CASAD.

Academician and lecturer Lu Lin

The live streaming event was presided over by He Lin, secretary of the Party committee and deputy director of CASAD. Professor Lu Lin, a CAS academician and director of the No.6 Hospital of Peking University, was invited to give a lecture entitled Epidemic Prevention in Psychology: Protecting the Mental Health of Young People, in which he explained how to help teenagers dispel negative emotions and solve psychological problems in the context of COVID-19. Wang Dujin, director of CASAD; Shi Bing, deputy director of CASAD; Cheng Gang, director of the Learning Resources Department (Digital Library) of the OUC; Wang Ran, deputy director of the Learning Resources Department (Digital Library) of the OUC; and Zhang Tun, deputy general manager of the OUC Press and Media Group, attended the live streaming lecture.

Work team

The live lecture was planned and produced by the Multimedia Press of the OUC Press and Media Group with the coordination of the OUC Learning Resources Department (Digital Library). It was jointly promoted by the Community Education Research and Training Centre of the Ministry of Education and the OUC’s Faculty of Agroforestry and Medicine within the CAS and OUC systems and to the member units of the Organising Committee of Science and China (six ministries and commissions). The lecture was simultaneously broadcast via multiple media platforms. Promotional activities via big data enabled the lecture to reach its target audience, including community education institutions around China, the Research and Learning Association for Rural Revitalisation, and primary and secondary schools in Shenzhen. A total of 287,000 online viewers watched the lecture, which received extensive positive responses from throughout society.

Science and China: Experts Lectures is a high-end science popularisation project jointly planned and launched by the OUC and CASAD in 2012. The lectures are broadcast through relevant social communication channels, including the OUC platform, to popularise scientific knowledge, advocate scientific methods, disseminate scientific ideas, and uphold scientific spirits. Over the past eight years, over 100 academicians and 300 experts from the CAS and the Chinese Academy of Engineering have been invited to give lectures and remarkable results have been achieved.

In order to meet the needs of the public for science popularisation, give full play to the role of the OUC in serving life-long education, and popularise high-end academic achievements, the OUC, CASAD, and the CAS National Science Library, planned and launched the series of live cloud lectures to showcase Science and China from a brand new perspective. The project is oriented towards public welfare and has invited domestic academicians and experts to deliver lectures on a monthly basis. It is hoped that through the series of lectures, teachers and students of the OUC and other members of society can learn more about the achievements and trends of frontier scientific research and that the depth and scope of the OUC's science popularisation education work can be expanded so as to better serve the public.

By the OUC Multimedia Press