In order to promote the application of the Open University of China (OUC) "Long March Belt" Educational Project Targeted at Poverty Alleviation cloud classroom in teaching, improve the information application ability and level of local tutorial centres, and help promote targeted poverty alleviation with the aid of education informatisation, the OUC Information Technology Department and the Office of Poverty Alleviation Affairs held a meeting on cloud classroom technology training for the "Long March Belt" Educational Project Targeted at Poverty Alleviation on 10 July 2020.

The meeting, carried out via two-way live streaming, attracted 31 teachers from 18 study centres that are part of the "Long March Belt" Educational Project Targeted at Poverty Alleviation.

During the meeting, related teachers from the Information Technology Department introduced the project background and system architecture of the cloud classroom project, part of the "Long March Belt" Education Project Targeted at Poverty Alleviation, and explained the operation and applications of the cloud classroom. They also guided the attendees through practical operations such as installing software on client computers and conducting membership tests, and answered relevant questions about the application of the cloud classroom raised by the study centres.

During the question and answer and practical application sessions, the teachers actively participated in video interactions by logging in to the cloud classroom with accounts registered by the Information Technology Department for each of them before the training. According to the teachers, the cloud computing-based classroom system is simple, practical, and easy to operate. They are very satisfied with the functions provided by the cloud classroom, and promise to manage and make good use of the cloud classroom to boost teaching, teaching research, and the management of local tutorial centres in the future.

The OUC's "Long March Belt" Education Project Targeted at Poverty Alleviation was officially launched in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province in April 2017. With the help of the unified coordination of the OUC organisation system and the advantages of information-based education, it has carried out information infrastructure assistance projects such as degree continuing education, non-degree education training, and the cloud classroom for 25 national poverty-stricken counties that the Red Army passed through during the Long March. The project has provided support and stimulus for the training of talented professional to engage in poverty alleviation through education, education informatisation construction, and rural revitalisation in poverty-stricken former revolutionary areas. More than CNY 40 million in subsidies has been provided, which has directly benefited 33,000 people.

Written by Wu Shuping, photos by by Wu Shuping and Shi Yungong, OUC