From 10-11 January 2019, a meeting of the Open University of China (OUC) Academic Degree Evaluation Committee was held in Beijing to review bachelor’s degrees to be granted in the 2018 autumn semester. The meeting decided to award 2,235 graduates OUC bachelor's degrees, including Zhang Xiaofang.

On 8 January, the sub-committees for the evaluation of degrees in Science and Engineering and Agriculture and Medicine both held video conferences. On the morning of 10 January, six degree evaluation sub-committees, including Law, Education, Literature, Economics, Business Administration, and Public Administration, held meetings in Beijing. Eighty-four members from the eight degree evaluation sub-committees participated in the meeting this semester. The sub-committees deliberated and determined the list of undergraduates to be granted with the bachelor's degrees proposed by their respective majors, and discussed issues related to degree work in the majors.

The meeting of the OUC Academic Degree Evaluation Committee was held on the morning of 11 January. Li Linshu, vice-chairman of the OUC Degree Evaluation Committee, chaired the meeting. Liu Chen, vice chairman and member of the Degree Evaluation Committee, participated in the meeting, which was also attended by the heads of the teaching departments. The meeting considered issues related to degree awarding, non-awarding reports submitted by the sub-committees, and the pilot English examination for the OUC’s bachelor’s degree awarding.

A total of 2,454 undergraduate graduates applied for bachelor's degrees this semester. After examination and approval by the Degree Evaluation Committee, 2,235 graduates were awarded OUC bachelor's degrees. At the request of the OUC’s Degree Affairs Office and its sub-committees, the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee also passed the following items: firstly, it has designated a passing line for the OUC pilot Degree English examination for Non-English and English Majors this semester; secondly, it will continue to strengthen relevant work related to the "Special Supervision of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of the OUC Branches" and urge the branches to establish a degree review mechanism in order to improve the quality of the thesis.

By Chen Siming, OUC