The Open University of China (OUC) adheres to its purpose and mission of running education in China, makes social needs its orientation and social responsibility its goal, actively promotes targeted poverty alleviation work as assigned by the Ministry of Education (MOE), and earnestly implements the work of providing assistance and poverty alleviation for Qinghai by means of education.

Recently, it formally signed a three-year agreement to provide pairing assistance for Qinghai Radio and TV University (Qinghai RTVU). This new project will rely on the OUC’s advantages in school operation, adopt a new model of "poverty alleviation + intellectual support,” and provide support for Qinghai RTVU from five aspects with a pragmatic state, powerful measures, and precise methods, so as to promote the transformation and development of Qinghai RTVU and play a greater role in shaking off poverty and create a well-off society.

Give full play to the advantages of the OUC system to carry out assistance work. The OUC will give full play to the advantages of the interactive reactions within its system, coordinate relevant branch schools, and pool resources and talents in order to provide support for the construction of an information infrastructure, provide teachers’ training, strengthen the construction of teaching resources, and support the enhancement of rural teachers for Qinghai RTVU and its grassroots subordinates.

Strengthen infrastructure construction assistance. On the basis of the eight cloud classrooms built by the OUC in Qinghai province, the OUC will expand its coverage, construct additional modern distance education infrastructure such as cloud classrooms for Qinghai RTVU and its grassroots RTVUs, build and improve a poverty alleviation platform using cloud classrooms, improve the quality of distance education teaching and the level of modernisation and informatisation of Qinghai RTVU, and cultivate more outstanding professionals for Qinghai.

Organise and develop teacher training. The OUC will help Qinghai RTVU to carry out teacher training through the organisation of special training classes such as advanced teacher training and backbone training for young and middle-aged teachers. This will improve the quality and abilities of teachers and enhance the level of teaching management. In addition, thanks to the establishment of a platform for exchange, inter-school leadership and teaching team visits, and special researches will be carried out to discuss and exchange advanced experience in distance and open education.

Strengthen the co-construction and sharing of teaching resources. By giving full play to its interactive and systematic advantages, the OUC will explore methods of co-construction and the sharing of teaching resources to provide a group of high-quality degree and non-degree education resources for Qinghai RTVU, resolve the shortage of local high-quality educational resources in Qinghai, and support the construction of teaching resources with Qinghai regional characteristics at Qinghai RTVU.

Help rural teachers improve their abilities. The OUC will fund the completion of academic qualifications for teachers from primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, and villages studying in the educational majors in Qinghai RTVU and its grassroots schools. It will improve the educational level of continuing education of local rural teachers, enhance the overall quality and ability level of local teachers, enable the enhancement of teaching capacity, and train outstanding local people for the strategy of "rural revitalisation".

By Qinghai RTVU