On 27 October 2018, a conference on textbook review and course resource construction deployment for the Automotive Service Engineering (undergraduate) major was held by the School of Automotive Engineering, Open University of China (OUC).

The main leaders from the School of Automotive Engineering, the expert group for textbook review and approval, all the teachers responsible for the compilation of the textbook, leaders from the OUC Press, and relevant personnel from the School of Automotive Engineering, attended the conference.

During the conference, eight compulsory course teaching materials from the newly constructed Automotive Service Engineering major, an undergraduate programme of the School of Automotive Engineering, including Engineering Mechanics, Automotive Structure (undergraduate), Principles of Engines and Theory of Automobiles, Automotive Service Engineering, Automotive Service Information System, Electrical and Electronic Control Technology for Vehicles, Professional English for Automotive Service Engineering (undergraduate) and New Energy Automotive Technology, were reviewed and approved. The textbook editors introduced the background, features, and content of the textbooks. After a thorough review and discussion, the expert group for textbook review and approval are confident that the content and structure of the eight textbooks reflect the teaching requirements of automotive service engineering (undergraduate course) and they are distinctive and in line with the teaching needs. The provided manuscript format of the texts is standard, complete, and clear, and thus can meet the publishing requirements. The expert group unanimously agreed to approve the textbook.

Arrangement and requirements for the construction of the curriculum resources for the undergraduate programme of the Automotive Service Engineering major in the future was also clarified: Firstly, the course syllabus and compilation of test instructions should be completed at the end of November 2018. Secondly, the production of online courses suitable for the entire network teaching model should be started, with early results expected in the first half of next year.

In the concluding speech, Xiong Xianshu, dean of the School of Automotive Engineering, said that resource construction is the foundation of the construction of the school. It is necessary to build on the teaching model and features of the OUC’s distance education platform to create online high-quality course resources that are available for practitioners of the modern automobile industry to learn anytime and anywhere. Each course teacher must become a professional teacher with a mastery of Internet teaching technology and an excellent teacher respected and loved by students in the automotive industry.

By OUC School of Automotive Engineering