Taizhou Radio and TV University (Taizhou RTVU) in Zhejiang Province and the Taizhou Disabled Persons' Federation have signed a framework educational-cooperation agreement to promote vocational education in Taizhou and provide it to disabled people in order to enhance their employability.

The school aims to serve both social workers and disabled people in Taizhou villages and towns, training them in social work, accounting, e-commerce and other skills, and awarding them a degree certificate after graduation.

In recent years, with intensified economic reforms and changes in educational requirements, Taizhou RTVU has conducted experiments in cooperation with government and industry. It has cooperated with the Taizhou Agriculture Office in the training of rural college students, offering continuing education to members of the Taizhou Federation of Trade Unions, auxiliary police, new armed-forces recruits, and demobilized soldiers. It has also cooperated with large and medium-sized enterprises in Taizhou, with good results.

The framework agreement with the Taizhou Disabled Persons' Federation reflects the favor continuing education found with the 19th CPC National Congress for its contribution to social enrichment. It also demonstrates Taizhou RTVU exploring open education as a response to social requirements.

The pilot phase of this campaign begins in the fall of 2018. Students applying to college programmes must have high-school diplomas or the equivalent, and those applying to undergraduate programmes must have junior-college diplomas. Those who are admitted will be recommended to study Social Work, Financial Management, E-Commerce or another programme based on their circumstances, and offered financial aid accordingly as well.

By Zhejiang RTVU