The 2017 scholarship evaluation of the Open University of China (OUC) drew to a close a few days ago, with a total of 9,714 students awarded scholarships.

Among them, 7,073 students were awarded OUC scholarships, 484 students won OUC “Field of Hope” scholarships, 100 students earned OUC Sunshine Scholarships for Disabled Education, 286 students were awarded OUC Scholarships for Non-Commissioned Officers, and 1,771 students won a special scholarship as part of the OUC “Long March Belt” Educational Project Targeted at Alleviating Property.

The 2017 OUC scholarship evaluation was officially launched in January 2018. Each branch participating in the evaluation carefully organised scholarship applications and preliminary reviews. In June and July 2018, the OUC headquarters started preliminary reviews of the candidates’ application materials and on 13th July they convened an expert review meeting to conducted a final review of the candidates’ materials and decided the list of scholarship winners. The scholarship winners were finalised after public announcement at the end of July.

The 9,714 awardees come from 45 OUC branches, as well as the OUC Experimental School, the Ba Yi School, the School for the Air Force, the School for the Disabled, the School of Automotive Engineering, the School of Mechanical Industry, and the Postal School. They are from all walks of like, including workers, farmers, teachers, and army officers, and have all worked hard to achieve a balance between work and study. They have treated their studies with diligence, achieved great results, and acted as role models for other learners. It is hoped that other students will follow their example and make use of the advantages of modern distance educational learning resources and IT conditions to devote themselves to their academic studies and pursue higher goals in life.

By Chen Yan, OUC