The SketchUp Interior Design course developed by the Open University of China (OUC) was recently included in the selection of higher vocational education courses for junior college education, as part of a list of 490 National Quality Online Open Courses officially launched by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

SketchUp Interior Design is presided over by Tang Yingshan from the OUC Faculty of Art Education and was launched on the CNMOOC platform. The course introduces the basic operating methods of SketchUp computer aided modelling software and its application in the field of interior design. SketchUp software is a 3D modelling software tool widely used in architecture, landscaping, and interior design. It has a simple and intuitive interface and its tool commands are easy to learn. Once configured with plug-ins, it has strong modelling and rendering functionality. Through this course, learners can master the use of SketchUp software.

According to a responsible person from the MOE, this is the first time that the MOE has launched 490 National Quality Online Open Courses, which aims to further promote the in-depth integration of information technology and teaching and education, enhance the development and application of online open courses, increasing the quality of higher education teaching, and improve educational equality. The first batch of courses selected mainly focuses on public courses, foundational courses, and core courses for undergraduate and higher vocational education. Courses in Chinese traditional culture, innovation and entrepreneurship, and ideology and politics are among the courses selected. The courses, which are high quality, effective, and widely shared and applied, represent the highest level of open online courses in China.

According to the MOE’s plan for the future construction of online open courses, it will launch 3,000 National Quality Online Open Courses and 1,000 Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Demonstration Projects on behalf of the central government by 2020. It will also drive the online operation of 10,000 MOOCs and 5,000 virtual simulation experiment teaching projects, promote the in-depth integration of information technology and education, and contribute to improving the quality and equity of education in China.

By OUC News Centre