The School of Political Science and Law of the Open University of China (OUC) was founded in 2019 from the former School of Arts and Law, which had been founded in 1982 as the Department of Liberal Arts.

The school comprises the Department of Public Administration, Department of Law, Department of Social Work and Administrative Office.

The school offers five undergraduate programmes and five junior-college programmes (orientations). The Department of Public Administration offers two undergraduate programmes in Administrative Management (one taking junior-college graduates, the other high-school graduates), and two junior-college programmes in Administrative Management (taking high-school graduates, with one of them in Rural Village Management orientation). The Department of Law offers two undergraduate programmes in Law with the same prerequisites, and one junior-college programme, in Legal Affairs, that accepts high-school graduates. The Department of Social Work offers one undergraduate and one junior-college (Elderly Services orientation) programme in Social Work, admitting respectively junior-college and high-school graduates. In addition, the school offers one junior-college programme in Movie and TV Animation, admitting high-school graduates. The Administrative Management and Law programmes have been given priority in their development by the OUC.

The School of Political Science and Law currently has 19 full-time faculty members, including 2 professors, 5 associate professors, and 13 lecturers, with 14 holding doctoral degrees. In addition, it has hired a number of accomplished and experienced scholars from domestic institutions of higher learning nationwide as chief lecturers and textbook editors.

Yuan Songhe is currently dean of the School of Political Science and Law.

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