The Faculty of Humanities of the Open University of China (OUC) was founded on 17 July 2018. It consists of the former Art Design and Animation School of the Faculty of Art; the Social Art Education Curriculum Development Centre; the General Office & Project Development Office; the School of Literature; the School of Media and Ideological, and the Political Education Teaching and Research Office of former Faculty of Arts and Law. On 2 April 2019, the Ideological and Political Education Teaching and Research Office established the School of Marxism.

The dean of Faculty of Humanities is Professor Tang Yingshan.

The Faculty of Humanities includes the School of Literature, the School of Media, the School of Art, the Art Education Centre (the OUC Painting and Calligraphy Art Education Research Institute and the OUC Your Arts Network) and the General Office. The personnel in charge of each section under the Faculty of Humanities includes: Xu Xiaoxiao, deputy head of the School of Literature; Yu Qingyao, deputy head of the School of Media; Ren Tianchun, associate dean of the School of Art; Xu Hang, deputy director of the Art Education Centre (the OUC Painting and Calligraphy Art Education Research Institute and the OUC Your Arts Network); and Wang Yan, director of the General Office.

The Faculty of Humanities offers degree education at the undergraduate level (both junior college and higher education) and the junior college level. There are four majors and directions at the undergraduate level: Chinese language and literature; Chinese language and literature (oriented towards teachers); advertising; and advertising (design and production focused). There are six majors and directions at the junior college level: Chinese language and literature; advertising design and production; interior art design; communication and planning; secretarial (enrolment temporarily suspended). Chinese Language and Literature is one of the top ten key construction majors of the OUC. Advertising is a characteristic major in Beijing. Since its founding, the Faculty of Humanities has gradually clarified its professional construction and development path according to the following direction: "Optimising the construction of key majors, actively exploring the development path of majors with distinctive characteristics, and boosting the quality of the OUC’s academic education.”

The Faculty of Humanities has continuously explored development mechanisms and created room for the expansion of non-degree art education. It has developed dozens of projects in the field of social art education. The Faculty explored the practice and operating mechanism of the calligraphy art education project; hired famous calligraphers and painters to establish a “master studio”; and established the “OUC Painting and Calligraphy Art Education Research Institute.” The website of the Institute, OUC Your Arts Network, focuses on the popularisation and promotion of art education. It sets up online courses, masterpieces of famous masters, community services, and book information in art news, calligraphy and painting exchanges, and art markets in order to establish an art education development platform.

The Faculty of Humanities currently has 17 full-time teachers and three teaching management staff. The staff includes one professor, four associate professors, and 12 lecturers. Six of the staff have obtained a PhD degree. In addition, in order to serve the needs of the disciplines, majors, curriculum construction, and teaching, the Faculty of Humanities has engaged a group of scholars from domestic institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes nationwide who have rich teaching experience and have made profound academic achievements to serve as course lecturers and textbook editors. The staff comes from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Renmin University of China, Fudan University, Nankai University, Wuhan University, Communication University of China, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In order to serve teaching and learner support, the Faculty of Humanities has developed online courses covering all compulsory major core courses, and established an online network teaching team based on the advantages of the school system.


Contact for the Faculty of Humanities:

Address: No.75 Fuxing Road, Haidian District, 100039, Beijing

Contact Person: Ms. Wang 008610 57519159;  Ms. Yang 008610 57519520