The Faculty of Foreign Languages of the Open University of China (OUC) is established on the foundation of the former Foreign Languages Teaching and Research Group of the Department of Basic Education of China Central TV University (CCRTVU). After a number of name changes including the School of Foreign Languages, the Faculty of International Languages and Cultures, it was officially renamed as the Faculty of Foreign Languages in March 2020.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages is responsible for the teaching and management of public foreign language courses, courses for majors including English, Business English, and other foreign languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, and Korean etc.


In September 1986, the Faculty launched the junior college degree programme of the English major. In September 1996, the undergraduate programme of the English major (start from junior college degree) was launched. Since autumn 1999, the OUC has kept cooperating with three higher education universities including Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing Language and Culture University, and University of International Business and Economics to jointly confer the bachelor’s degree for English major. Since 2012, the OUC begins to confer bachelor’s degrees for English and Business English majors.


II. Organisational Structure

The Faculty includes an administration office, the School of English and the Public Foreign Language Centre.


The Faculty has 12 full-time tutors and one teaching administrator, two in-house part-time tutors. Among them, there is one professor and seven associate professors and six lecturers. Five tutors have obtained doctorate degrees. In addition, experts and scholars from regular universities in China with profound academic attainments and rich teaching experience have been employed as course lecturers and chief editors of textbooks.

Zheng Jipeng undertakes the position of vice dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

III. Contact Us

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