alt1. Responsibilities and Establishment

The OUC Faculty of Education is dedicated to cultivating professionals in the disciplines of “Education, Sports, Public Administration and Services, Science and Mathematics” by providing degree and non-degree continuing education. The Faculty undertakes the mission of improving the comprehensive quality of pedagogy, psychology, and management for educational practitioners including administrators and teachers in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and other educational institutions.

The Faculty of Education is made up of the School of Education Management, the School of Basic Education, the School of Applied Mathematics, and a general administration office. The Faculty has 27 full-time tutors and two general administration staff. Among the full-time tutors, 17 have doctoral degrees, seven have master’s degrees, and five have bachelor’s degrees. The tutors have academic backgrounds in disciplines including pedagogy, psychology, management, mathematics and applied mathematics. Twenty of the faculty personnel are members of the Communist Party of China.

The external chief lecturers and editors in chief employed by the Faculty of Education are from higher learning institutions including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Zhejiang University, Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University, Northeast Normal University, Southwest University, Capital Normal University, and Shanghai Normal University etc.

 2. Degree Continuing Education

The open-education degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Education since 2001 include Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (an undergraduate programme starting at the junior-college level), Public Service Management (Education Management, an undergraduate programme starting at the junior-college level), Public Affairs Management (School and Social Education Management), Primary School Education (a junior-college programme and an undergraduate programme starting at the junior-college level), Educational Technology (an undergraduate programme starting at the junior-college level), Preschool Education (undergraduate programmes starting at the junior-college level and high school level), Sports Operations and Management (a junior-college programme), and Social Sports Guidance and Management (an undergraduate programme starting at the junior-college level), involving “pedagogy, management, mathematics and applied mathematics, physical education” disciplines.. By 2021, the number of graduates from Education-related programmes offered by the OUC had exceeded 1 million.

In 2016, five undergraduate programmes starting from junior college level, including “Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Public Service Management, Primary School Education, Preschool Education and Educational Technology”, have been granted with the right to confer bachelor’s degrees. Candidates who are qualified for graduation and degree requirements may apply for OUC bachelor’s degrees.

The types of degree course resources developed and constructed by the Faculty of Education include printed textbooks, audio and visual textbooks, online courses, and IP courseware. Some of the courses have been developed into the format of micro lectures and all media digital textbooks are available on terminals such as iPads and mobile phones, which provide multi-dimensional support to learners. Some of the national online quality courses in education completed include: Brief History of Chinese Education, Primary School Chinese Teaching and Research, Discrete Mathematics, Fundamentals of Economic Mathematics, Monographic Study on Modern Education Management, and Introduction to Modern Teaching Science. Quality online courses in education within the open-university system completed include Courses and Pedagogy, Science and Technology, Aesthetics and Aesthetic Education, Primary School Mathematics Teaching and Research, Principles of Preschool Education, Course and Activity Design for Kindergartens, Fundamentals of Natural Science, Calculation Methods (for undergraduates), Nursery and Education for 0-3 Year-Old Children, Children’s Games and Toys, Children’s Development Consultation and Guidance, and Comparative Primary Education. In addition, Monographic Study of Modern Education Management compiled by Wu Zhihui and Fundamentals of Economic Mathematics compiled by Li Linshu have been honoured as part of 11th Five-year National Textbooks Planning for general higher education. Textbooks including Calculus, Linear Algebra and Linear Programming, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Fundamentals of Mathematics in Higher Education, Fundamentals of Economic Mathematics (4th Edition Book I and II) compiled by Li Linshu, Gu Jingxiang, and Zhao Jian have been honoured as part of the 12th Five-Year National Textbooks Planning for vocational education. Textbooks including General Introduction of Management Science compiled by Fu Shujing, Psychology compiled by Guo Dejun, and Aesthetics and Aesthetic Education compiled by Wang Yichuan have been honoured as “quality textbooks for higher education in Beijing.”

In 2019, the Preschool Education major was a featured major within continuing education, and the teaching team for “Fundamentals of Economic Mathematics” was named a High-level Teaching Team; both belong to the system of higher education in Beijing.  One teacher from the Faculty was given the 15th Beijing Outstanding Teacher Award for Higher Education in Beijing. Teachers from the Faculty are chairing such research projects as “Course Design and Applied Research for Adult Online Education: an In-depth Perspective”, an approved project of the “13th Five-Year Plan” for National Educational Science in 2020; “Coordinated Development  of Educational Institutions other than Public Schools in Beijing in the Context of Construction of a System of Lifelong Learning”, a 2020 youth special-subject of the “13th Five-Year Plan” for Educational Science in Beijing; and “Professional Ethics of Online Educators - Empirical Research at an Open University” and “Improvement of Learning Strategies in Open Education”, two 2021 projects of the Adult Continuing Education Scientific Research Plan, part of the “14th Five-Year Plan” of the China Adult Education Association.

3. Non-Degree Continuing Education

The Faculty of Education, also known as China TV Normal University, is responsible for organising and implementing non-degree continuing education for teachers and principals of kindergartens and primary and secondary schools, besides delivering degree education. Since 1995, the Faculty has been responsible for the production of TV programmes-“Friends of Secondary School Teachers,” “Friends of Primary School Teachers,” and “Principals of Primary and Secondary Schools“ for Shandong TV of China Education TV.” During the production of these TV programmes, the Faculty has also managed to complete a number of quality video resources such as Li Jilin’s Situational Teaching Methods of Chinese Language for Primary Schools, Ma Xinlan’s Tertiary Calculation Method,  Excellent Classes from One Hundred Famous Teachers, Chinese Ancient Poetry Appreciation for Secondary School Students, Examples of Composition Guidance Methods and Strategies for Junior Middle Schools, Examples of Chinese Language and Mathematics in the Same Units but with Different Structures for Primary Schools, Detailed Explanation of Teaching Organisation and Implementation of English Courses in Primary Schools,  Case Study of Psychological Training for Primary School Teachers, Fundamentals of Courseware Making, Moral Character and Life Course Implementation Case Analysis, High-quality Cases of Game Teaching in Preschool Education, Identifying Creativities of Children in Picture Books, Learning and Understanding of Learning and Development Guidelines for 3-6 Year 0ld Kids,   Interpretation of Professional Standards for Kindergarten Teachers, Management Practice Cases of Primary and Secondary Schools, History Education of the Communist Party of China, Geography around Us, Local Historical Allusions and Folklore, Folk Handcrafts of Shaanxi Province, Campus Public Safety Education for Primary and Middle School Students, Problems of Rural Primary Schools in China’s Western Areas and Their Countermeasures, and Dialogues with Parents about the Psychological and Educational Problems of Children, many of which have received prizes at national, provincial, and municipal levels.

The Faculty has implemented a scheme for enhancing the qualifications of preschool teachers in cooperation with the Working Committee for Caring for the Next Generation, with the first round of training for over 1,000 preschool teachers in four cities (Dalian, Shijiazhuang, Xi'an and Jinan) completed. During the fight against Covid-19, the Faculty shared curriculum resources related to micro lectures and design of online courses with the Education and Training Centre of the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China, providing training of part-time teachers in the customs system to promote their design, development, and teaching of online courses. It has also launched open live-streaming courses on topics such as design of online-learning activities and micro lectures, regulation of stress and emotions, and parent-child relationships. In response to the growth of online instruction in the "Internet-plus" era, the Faculty is also developing a training course for online educators at open universities and private educational enterprises.

In addition, the Faculty of Education has been exploring international cooperation. For example, in 2020, it worked with the UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education in designing and developing an English-language certification course, "Online and Distance Learning for Teachers in Africa", for African primary- and secondary-school teachers.

In short, the OUC Faculty of Education (and China TV Normal University) is following the guidance of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the National Education Conference in working to enhance digital, intelligent, lifelong and integrated education. By following the requirements of the first OUC Party congress and the guidance of the document “Opinions of the OUC on Improving Quality of Education”, it will continue to serve the construction of lifelong learning for all, cooperating with experts and scholars at home and abroad, promoting degree and non-degree continuing education for educational practitioners, and enhancing their ability to teach ethics, cultivate their students, and integrate information technology into their teaching at all levels.

4. Contact Information

Address: Faculty of Education, No. 75, Fuxing Road, 100039, Haidian District, Beijing,China

Tel.: +86-10-57519146

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