The predecessor of the School of Education of the Open University of China (OUC) was China Television Teachers College, established in July 1987, and incorporated into OUC in 1994. After the merger, the original name of the China Television Teachers College was retained for external communication, while for the internal communication, it was known as Department of Teacher Education of OUC. During the OUC institutional reform in September 2007, it was officially renamed the School of Education.

The School of Education (China TV College of Teacher Education) is responsible for the design, provision and implementation of teacher education courses from OUC, the research and development of teacher education resources, the design and production of multimedia teaching materials, research in distance education and open learning activities, and the organizing and holding of training sessions for primary and secondary school teachers and principals. 

The officers of the School are:

Dean: Xu Changwei
Vice Dean: Tang Yingshan

The School of Education consists of the Department of Teacher Education, the Department of Education Management, the Department of Mathematics Education, the Teaching and Research Division of Educational Technology, the Teaching and Research Division of Art Education, and the Administrative Office.

There are 25 full-time teachers working at the School, 10 part-time teachers who are full-time elsewhere at other departments of the University, among whom 4 are professors and 19 are associate professors. Among all the teachers, 5 have doctoral degrees and 16 have master's degrees. The School has invited a considerable number of senior experts and scholars from conventional and other institutions, who are rich in teaching experience and sophisticated in professional expertise to work as chief editors and course presenters.

The School provides 4 degree programmes and 5 diploma programmes. There are degree programmes for students starting from diploma level, which are Primary Education, Education Management, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and Educational Technology; and diploma programmes, which are Primary Education, Pre-school Education, Education Management, Music Education, and Art Education. A total of 76,940 undergraduate students and 89,762 diploma students are currently enrolled. A total of 105,594 students have graduated with a degree and 240,466 with a diploma, to date August 2008.

In addition to offering degree education, the School of Education (China TV College of Teacher Education) also undertakes continuing in-service education and training for primary and secondary school teachers as well as the training of primary and secondary school principals. The School has produced a large number of educational resources, covering disciplines including education, psychology, educational management, educational technology, and courses including mathematics, Chinese language, English, music, arts and geography.

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