I. Responsibilities and Establishment

The OUC Faculty of Education, also known as China TV Normal University, is dedicated to developing professionals in the education industry by providing degree and non-degree continuing education. The Faculty undertakes the mission of improving the comprehensive quality of pedagogy, psychology, and management for educational practitioners including administrators and teachers in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and other educational institutions.

The Faculty of Education (namely China TV Normal University) is made up of the School of Education Management, the School of Basic Education, the School of Applied Mathematics, and a general administration office, with Li Song as the Faculty director and Zhangxia as the deputy director. The Faculty has 25 tutors and tutoring secretaries, 23 of whom are full-time tutors. Among the full-time tutors, seven have a doctorate, 10 have master’s degrees, and six have bachelor’s degrees, three are professors, 15 are associate professors, and five are lecturers. The disciplines covered include pedagogy, psychology, management, and mathematics.

The Faculty has employed over 100 chief lecturers and editors from prestigious institutions including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Zhejiang University, Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University, Northeast Normal University, Capital Normal University, and Shanghai Normal University.

II. Degree Continuing Education

The open education degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Education include Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (undergraduate), Public Service Management (Education Management, junior college programme and junior college to undergraduate programme), Primary School Education (junior college programme and junior college to undergraduate programme), Educational Technology (undergraduate programme), and Pre-School Education (junior college to undergraduate programme). By the spring semester of 2016, the accumulative enrolments of these five undergraduate programmes had reached 329,684. Furthermore, these five undergraduate programmes have been granted with the right to confer bachelor’s degrees. People who have qualified for graduation and degree requirements may apply for OUC bachelor’s degrees.

The types of degree course resources developed and constructed by the Faculty of Education include printed textbooks, audio and visual textbooks, online courses, and IP courseware. Some of the courses have been developed into the format of micro lectures and all media digital textbooks are available on terminals such as iPads and mobile phones, which provides multi-dimensional support to learners. Some of the national online quality courses in education completed include: Brief History of Chinese Education, Primary School Chinese Teaching and Research, Linear Mathematics, Fundamentals of Economic Mathematics, Monographic Study on Modern Education Management, and Introduction to Modern Teaching Science. Quality online courses in education within the open university system completed include Courses and Pedagogy, Science and Technology, Aesthetics and Aesthetic Education, Primary School Mathematics Teaching and Research, Principles of Pre-School Education, Course and Activity Design for Kindergartens, and Fundamentals of Natural Science. In addition, Monographic Study of Modern Education Management compiled by Wu Zhihui and Fundamentals of Economic Mathematics compiled by Li Linshu have been honoured as part of 11th Five-year National Textbooks Planning for general higher education. Textbooks including Calculus, Linear Algebra and Linear Programming, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Fundamentals of Mathematics in Higher Education, Fundamentals of Economic Mathematics (4th Edition Book I and II) compiled by Li Linshu, Gu Jingxiang, and Zhao Jian have been honoured as part of the 12th Five-Year National Textbooks Planning for vocational education. Textbooks including General Introduction of Management Science compiled by Fu Shujing, Psychology compiled by Guo Dejun, and Aesthetics and Aesthetic Education compiled by Wang Yichuan have been honoured as “quality textbooks of Beijing higher education.”

III. Non-Degree Continuing Education

The Faculty of Education is also responsible for organising and implementing non-degree continuing education for teachers and principals of kindergartens and primary and secondary schools. Since 1995, the Faculty has undertaken the production of TV programmes for the Shandong channel of China Education TV, namely “Friends of Secondary School Teachers,” “Friends of Primary School Teachers,” and “Principals of Primary and Secondary Schools.” During the production of these TV programmes, the Faculty has also managed to complete a number of quality video resources such as “Excellent Classes from One Hundred Famous Teachers,” “Chinese Ancient Poetry Appreciation for Secondary School Students,” “Psychological Training Case Study for Primary School Teachers,” and “Interpretation of Professionalism for Kindergarten Teachers,” many of which have received prizes at the national, provincial, and municipal levels.

The OUC Faculty of Education will continue to work hard and innovate to create further development by cooperating with experts and scholars, with the goal of steadily advancing the development of degree and non-degree continuing education for practitioners in the education field and to constantly search for new ways to carry forward teacher education by integrating information technology.

IV. Contact Us

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