The School of Education is one of the six schools of the Open University of China (OUC).
The school is engaged in degree and non-degree continuing education for teachers. It is committed to overall curriculum construction, teaching, and pertinent teaching research related to teacher training offered by the OUC at both junior college programmes and undergraduate programmes; the organization and operation of continuing education for primary and middle school teachers and headmasters, as well as the production of TV programmes of China Education Television (CETV) affiliated with the Ministry of Education, namely, Friends of Middle School Teachers, Friends of Primary School Teachers, and Headmaster Training.
The school has 31 tutors and tutoring secretaries. Among the tutors, 4 have doctorate degrees, 15 have master’s degrees, and 11 have bachelor’s degrees. 4 of the school members have the title of professor, 19 are associate professors, and 7 are lecturers. The disciplines covered include pedagogy, psychology, education management, education technology, pre-school education, mathematics, Chinese language and literature, musicology, and fine arts.
The school has employed over 100 chief lecturers and editors from such institutions as Peking University, Tsinghua University, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Central Conservatory of Music, Renmin University of China, Zhejiang University, Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University, Northeast Normal University, and other prestigious universities and first-class normal universities in China, as well as influential local normal universities like Capital Normal University and Shanghai Normal University.
Currently, the school has established the Department of Teacher Education, Department of Education Management, Department of Mathematics Education, Teaching and Research Division of Educational Technology, and Teaching and Research Division of Art Education.
The programmes offered include Primary School Education (junior college programme and undergraduate programme), Education Management (junior college programme and undergraduate programme), Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (undergraduate programme), Education technology (undergraduate programme), Pre-school Education (junior college programme and undergraduate programme), Music Education (undergraduate programme), Fine Arts Education (junior college programme) and Interior Design (junior college programme).
The following are the major core courses offered in each programme:

Primary School Education:
Undergraduate programme: educational psychology, principles of modern education, curriculum and instruction, teaching and research on primary school mathematics, and teaching and research on primary school Chinese. Junior college programme: educational psychology for primary school children, thoughts on modern education, information technology and education technology, basic social sciences, basic natural sciences, reading and writing, introduction to modern teacher studies.

Public Service Management:
Undergraduate programme: education law, organizational behavior in education, modern education management, education evaluation, public administration. Junior college programme: school management, school management psychology, introduction to educational administration, a brief history of education in China, educational research methods.

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics:
Undergraduate programme: topics in mathematics analysis, topics in advanced algebra, foundations of geometry, function of complex variables, ordinary differential equations, elementary number theory, teaching and research of middle school mathematics, functions of real variables, applied probability and statistics, discrete mathematics, calculation methods, professional ethics for teachers, mathematical modeling, and extensive pre-graduation practice.

Pre-School Education:
Undergraduate programme: child psychology, principles of pre-school education, health and care for pre-school children, children’ games and toys, kindergarten curriculum and activity design, nursery care and education for 0 to 3-year-old infants and children, guidance on family education for children, quality evaluation of kindergarten education, consulting and mentoring on child development, kindergarten organization and management, research methods on pre-school education, modern education management, education law.

Education Technology:
Undergraduate programme: introduction to education technology, teaching design, theory and practice of distance teaching, learning and instructional theories, teaching theory of information technology, network education application, design and development of teaching resources, information technology and curriculum integration, online learning tools and applications, design and development of network courses, digital media technology and application, design and implementation of school website, planning and maintenance of campus network.

Indoor Design:
Introduction to design, three-dimensional modeling, furniture design, presentation techniques of hand illustration, material and construction technology, living space design, and computer-aided design.

Fine Arts Education:
Logo and layout design, composition, traditional Chinese landscape painting, color and still life painting, line drawing, sketching, freehand brushwork of small flowers and birds, oil painting of landscapes and still life, decorative colors, art appreciation, and principles of aesthetics.

Music Education:
Piano, vocal music, chorus and conducting, basic music theory, sight singing and ear training, piano improvisational accompaniment, celebrated musicians and classic music.
The School of Education develops and organizes course resources such as printed materials, audio-visual materials, CAI lesson materials, IP lesson materials, streaming media and online resources. Many of these materials have been recognized as excellent national level online courses, such as Economic Mathematics Basics, Discrete Mathematics, Teaching and Research on Primary School Chinese, and A Brief History of Education in China, as well as excellent online courses within the RTVU system, including Aesthetics and Aesthetic Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Introduction to Modern Teacher Studies.

Enrollment, Graduate Students, and Active Students:
Since the launch of open education, three of the mainstream specialties have seen an enrollment totaling over 530,000 students with more than 330,000 graduate students (by 2011) and about 200,000 active students. They are Primary School Education, Education Management, and Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.