Xiao Mo possesses a master's degree in education, and is director of the Teaching and Research Division of Art Education, School of Education, the Open University of China. She is a course leader and the founder of the CCRTVU’s music education programme. She is responsible for music programme of China TV College, and she directs educational filming of music. She has planned and organized the degree and non-degree TV teaching materials of nearly one thousand class hours. They are Piano, Accordion Playing Basics, Basic Music Theory, Chorus and Conducting, Elementary Course for Piano Improvising Accompaniment, Celebrated Foreign Musicians and Classical Music, A Course of Dancing, Chinese Dance, Make-Up, and more. Of them, Symphonic Music Appreciation and Foreign Opera Appreciation together with several other TV teaching materials passed the examination of the Ministry of Education as excellent TV teaching materials. The courseware Music Terminology and Marks won the first prize in the Senior High School Group in the Courseware Appraisal of the Ministry of Education. She is the chief editor of the printed teaching materials of Symphonic Music Appreciation and Vocal Music Collection. She is a judge on the CCTV programme Star Boulevard and a member of Beijing Musician Association. She is one of the founders and the First Deputy Secretary-General of Chinese Community Music Education.