Zhang Yue, a master of fine arts, is dean of the Department of Environmental Art Design of the Art & Design Academy of Tsinghua University and a supervisor of master’s degree students. He is vice chairman of the Design Committee of the China Building Decoration Association; vice chairman of the Design Committee of the China National Interior Decoration Association; a member of the Fine Arts Committee of Basic Computer Teaching to Liberal Art Students of Higher Education with the Ministry of Education; and a specialized curriculum member of the Environmental Art Design Specialty Committee of Beijing Higher Education Self-Study Examination Committee. His research is directed towards the human factor in environmental art design.

The following are his academic views: The disciplinary research on the “human factor” started in the 1930s. The appearance and development of the discipline is based on the important thought “Technology shall serve the people and technology development shall aim at catering to people’s needs”. Due to the early growth of industrial processes in major developed western countries, they were early pioneers in the relevant discipline development. In contrast, China is a late comer due to objective reasons of social development. At the same time, social concepts always attribute problems incurred to people’s quality and management. The neglect of research in the field forces us to take basic foreign theories to theoretic teaching in terms of scientific level in the field. Basic research, in the application of art design in particular, is at the initial stage. In addition, application mechanism is also absent in application system. All these have caused obvious social impact, such as accidents caused by various reasons, the serious asymmetry between the scientific development and the design of projects and the design and manufacturing of products. An exploration shows that many of them are caused by the lack of research into the human factor in application technology.

“The human factor in environmental art design” is a new interdisciplinary research topic. Against the background of increasingly salient environmental problems, the development of environmental design is essential to the quality of a country’s human residential environment.

“Science and technology must put people first” is by no means a pure business advertisement in developed countries. A series of relevant disciplines appearing since the 20th century---- human engineering, engineering psychology, and others have laid a theoretical foundation for it. It has become an important discipline leading the scientific development trend and improving the technological application effect, and an important part of all applied sciences. This research is aimed at studying the theory with regard to human beings and the complete application system in environmental design, so as to lay a foundation for improving and establishing China’s own application system.

The following are his major academic achievements: Based on his early involvement in offering courses of this programme in China and his own research and teaching practice, he was the first to compile the textbook Interior Human Engineering, which is one of the earliest teaching materials for this programme inside the industry, and he has participated in the writing of the related work Collection of Data on Interior Design. The project Construction of Teaching Materials on Environmental Art Design compiling all these achievements won the second prize of the China Light Industry Trade Association Teaching Achievements, the first prize of the Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievements, and the second prize of the National Higher Education Teaching Achievements. He developed the courseware for Human Engineering ---- a 2003 national online demonstration project; in 2006, the second edition of Interior Human Engineering was published by China Architecture & Building Press; his courseware for Interior Human Engineering won the first prize of Tsinghua University’s Excellent Multimedia Courseware in 2005; the all inclusive course series was awarded as one of the "Exquisite National Courses" in 2008, and "Exquisite Course" of Beijing Municipality in 2007, "Exquisite Course" of Tsinghua University in 2005, the first prize of Tsinghua University’s Teaching Achievements in 2008, and the first prize of the Beijing Teaching Achievements; the series teaching materials of interior design, including the textbook he compiled, won the first prize of "Excellent Teaching Materials" of Tsinghua University in 2008.

The major courses he teaches include Interior Human Engineering, Interior Design (2); and the other courses he teaches are Appreciation of Environmental Art, Interior Design Basis and Programme Practice.