Su Dan acts as vice president and professor of the Academy of Art Design, Tsinghua University, executive deputy director of the Art and Science Centre, Tsinghua University, deputy president of the China Institute of Interior Design, a doctoral supervisor, and visiting professor of Northeast Normal University, visiting professor of Hainan Normal University, Fuzhou University, Shanxi University, and Yunnan University.

He graduated from the School of Architecture, Harbin Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute, in 1988, and was awarded a bachelor’s degree; from 1988 to 1991, he remained in the School of Architecture and worked as a teacher; he graduated from the Department of Environmental Art Design, Central Academy of Craft Art, in 1993, and awarded a master’s degree; from 1994 to 2012, he worked as a teacher at the university from which he had just graduated; since 2012, he has held the position of vice president of the Academy of Arts and Design. He teaches architectural design, architectural morphology, landscape design, studies on landscape style, and other undergraduate courses.

His works are as follows: In Beijing in 2003, Customs: China Concept in Contemporary Landscape Designs was published by China Fine Arts Publishing House; in Beijing, 2008, Advanced Residence was published by China Water Power Press; in Beijing, 2008, Opinions and Suggestions was published by China Architecture &Building Press.

His academic papers are as follows: ‘The Way Back’ was published in China Interior, Vol. 12, 2012; ‘Small Figures and Big Events’ was published in China Interior, Vol. 10, 2012; Contemporary Presentation of Environmental Art was published in Contemporary Art, November monthly, 2012; ‘Attention to Venice’ was published in Nordic Environmental Art in 2010; ‘Future Space and Limitation of Chinese Environment Art’ was published in Essays about Designing for China in 2010; ‘the Visible and Invisible in Contemporary Landscape --- On the Integration of Contemporary Art and Landscape Design’ was published in LA CHINA Landscape Architecture, Vol. 2, 2009; ‘Design Lack of Thought’ was published in Art Observation, Vol. 150, 2008; ‘I See My House (Architecture)’ was published in ID+C, Vol. 10, 2008; ‘Kiss of the Dragon’, ‘T3 Terminal at Beijing International Airfield’ was published in ID+C, Vol. 4, 2008; ’Non-Main Stream Art Museum in Main Stream Universities’ was published in ID+C, Vol. 9, 2008; in 2013, he planned the "Being & Doing Exhibition of Works by Teachers and Students from Tsinghua University" during Milan Design Week; in 2012, he organized and planned “From Lausanna to Beijing” ---- the 7th International Biennial Fiber Art Exhibition and Academic Symposium; in 2012, he was a specially invited expert for Beijing Design Week; in 2012, he acted as one of the judges for the Asian Interior Design Competition; In 2010, his work Dating Buildings ---- Qianmen Street was exhibited on La Biennale di Venezia (Venice); in 2010, he attended the Asian Session of the Discussion on the Essence of Design by a global expert think-tank launched by International Federation of Interior Designers in Hong Kong on behalf of China, and delivered the speech Sociality of Design (at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong); in 2010, he planned and organized “Tenon-and-Mortise Work” Show in Salone Satellite in Milan, Italy; in 2008, he attended the Symposium on “China-EU Environmental Art Exchanges” in Helsinki.

He is responsible for the following projects: He has taken charge of or participated in nearly 100 engineering projects and scientific topics, which mainly include the following: in 2013, Studies on the Development History of China Environmental Art; in 2013, China‘s Contemporary Design Setting Sights on the World Level; in 2012, Studies on the Evolution of Beijing's Axis Landscape and the Beijing Spirit; in 2012, Studies on the Construction of National Images Based on Visual Order of Cities; in 2009, Planning of the Rejuvenation Project of the Tangzha’s 1895 Industrial Remains of Nantong.

The following are the awards and honours he has obtained:
In 2012, he directed the greening design works Green Filter, which won the IDEA-KING Gold Award at the International Landscape Design Competition; in 2012, the landscape design of Tangzha’s 1895 Industry in Nantong and Its Rejuvenation Project won the IDEA-KING Gold Award of the Second International Landscape Design Competition; in 2012, the engineering design of the Protection of Tangzha’s 1895 Industrial Remains in Nantong of China and the Renaissance Garden of Contemporary Crafts won the nomination award (the highest award) of the Fifth Competition of Design For China; in 2011, he was honoured the 1989—2009 Twenty Years of Outstanding Designer Award of Interior Design in China by the Architectural Society of China; in 2010-2011, he won Excellent Instructor Award for two consecutive years; in 2011, the landscape design of Qianmen Street in Beijing won the bronze prize at the Eleventh National Art Exhibition; In 2010, the course series on basic training in environmental art design won the first prize at Tsinghua University’s Teaching Achievements; in 2008, he was chosen as one of 2008's design celebrities by the US magazine Interior Design.