China Central Radio and TV University (CCRTVU) launched its distance education of Economics and Management programme in 1983. At that time, the Teaching and Research Division of Economic and Management (part of the Academic Office of Liberal Arts) was in charge of teaching.

The Department of Economics and Management was established in 1985, which was subsequently renamed the Department of Finance and Economics in 1994, the School of Economics and Management in September 2007, and the Faculty of Economics and Management in September 2014. The Faculty consists of School of Finance, School of Business Administration, School of Accounting and a general office. The director of the Faculty is Liu Zhimin, and deputy director Liu Zhifang.

From 1983 to 1999, the Economics and Management programme was only provided at the junior college level. After taking part in the “CCRTVU’s Pilot Programme for the Reform of Model of Learner Development and Open Education in 1999” (authorised by the Ministry of Education) in fall 1999, the Economics and Management programme started to provide diploma-to-degree programmes. At present, it has seven undergraduate programmes (diploma-to-degree programmes)), including Finance, Accounting, Financial Management, Business Administration, Marketing, and Logistics Management and Human Resources Management, and eleven diploma programmes at junior college level, including Securities and Futures, Investment and Finance, Financial Management, Insurance, Accounting, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, E-commerce, Tourism and Hotel Management etc.

The Faculty has 27 full-time tutors, two teaching administrative personnel, and three on-campus part-time tutors. A large proportion of the teaching faculties have received their professional titles, four of whom are professors, 14 associate professors, seven lecturers. Ten of the tutors hold doctorates. In addition, the Faculty has recruited a number of renowned experts and scholars from other universities around China as lecturers and chief editors for several of its courses.

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