The Open University of China (OUC), formerly known as China Central Radio and TV University (CCRTVU) launched its distance degree education of Economics and Management programme in 1983. At that time, the Teaching and Research Division of Economic and Management (part of the Acandemic Office of Liberal Arts) was in charge of teaching. The Department of Economics and Management was established in 1985, which was subsequently renamed the Department of Finance and Economics in 1994, the School of Economics and Management in September 2007, and the Faculty of Economics and Management in September 2014.

The dean of the Faculty is Liu Zhimin, and vice dean Ge Junyi.

 The Faculty consists of the School of Business Administration, the School of Finance, the School of Accounting and a general office. The School of Business Administration offers six undergraduate programmes : Business Administration (starting at junior college level), Business Administration (starting from high school level), Marketing  (starting at junior college level), Logistics Management (starting at junior college level), Human Resources Management  (starting at junior college level), E-commerce (starting at junior college level) ; Six junior college programmes: Business Administration, Marketing, E-commerce, Human Resources Management, Tourism Management, Hotel Management. The School of Finance offers one undergraduate programme: Finance (starting at junior college level); Three junior college programmes: Financial Management, Insurance, Investment and Finance. The School of Accounting offers three undergraduate programmes: Accounting (starting at junior college level), Accounting (staring from high school level), Financial Management (starting at junior college level), and one junior college programme – Accounting.

The Faculty has 28 full-time tutors. A large proportion of the teaching faculties have received their professional titles, four of whom are professors, 15 associate professors, eight lecturers and one teaching assistant. In addition, the Faculty has engaged a large number of scholars from domestic institutions of higher learning nationwide who have rich teaching experience and have made profound academic achievements to serve as chief course lecturers and chief textbook editors.

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