Yang Youhong, director of the BTBU Department of Science & Technology, is a professor and doctoral supervisor. He is also vice chairman of CCAI; a member of the council of the Accounting Society of China; executive member of the council of the China Association of Chief Financial Officers;

and has won titles including “Top Beijing College Teacher”, “Beijing Young and Middle-aged Outstanding Backbone Teacher”, and “Beijing Outstanding Education Worker”. He also holds positions as the independent director of China International Travel Service Co., Ltd, China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd, and China Medicine & Health Products Co., Ltd. Whilst at BTBU, he has held the posts of director of the Department of Accounting, dean of the School of Accounting and dean of the School of Business. He graduated from Renmin University of China and obtained a doctorate of management, and a post-doctorate from CASS. He also holds positions such as executive member of the council of the Financial Costs Institute of the Accounting Society of China; expert on Market Regulation for the Commerce Department; part-time researcher at CASS; chairman of members for the CCRTVU Discipline Steering Committee of Economics and Management; part-time professor at Harbin University of Commerce; and contributing editor for Accounting Research. His main research topics are corporate accounting, internal controls, budget management and enterprise performance evaluation. He has published over 100 papers in domestic and foreign journals such as Accounting Research and Auditing Research, in addition to 50 works, of which five are monographs. In recent years, he has taken charge of important projects, including the National Social Science Fund project “Study of the Convergence of Accounting Standards in Transnational Capital Operations”, the Ministry of Finance project “Typical Self-Evaluation Guidelines and Case Studies of Enterprise Internal Control”, the Auditing Administration project “How to Carry out an Internal Control Audit in the Internal Audit Department of a Listed Company”, the Beijing Social Science Fund project “Improving the Operating Mechanism of Outside Directors and the Board of Directors in Municipal State-owned Non-listed Companies”, and the Innovative Talent Construction Plan project “Study on the Evaluation of Enterprise Internal Control”. In recent years, he has taken charge of and completed consulting projects such as TCL Corporations Financial Management System Design, Jiangxi Copper Corporations Overall Budget Management Programme, Budget Management Programme Design for Beijing North Star, Internal Control Design for Beijing Jiaming Investment, Accounting System Design for China New Era Group Corporation, Procedure and Methods of Enterprise Internal Control Evaluation for China National Petroleum Corporation, and Budget Management Programme for China Oil Corporation.