The Credit Bank currently has five business departments: General Office, Standards R&D Department, Certification Processing Department, Business Development Department, and Application Research Centre.

General Office

The General Office is a comprehensive department engaged in daily affairs management. It is mainly responsible for the establishment and improvement of relevant management systems for the office; comprehensive coordination, liaison, and publicity work related to the construction of the Credit Bank; quality supervision and management of the work within the office; and information construction, management and research for the office.

Standards R&D Department

This is the core technology department of the Credit Bank, integrating functions for the research of certification standards and the guidance of certification standards formulation. It is mainly responsible for auditing, formulating, and releasing R&D plans for standards according to the actual needs of standard certification; guiding the industry, enterprises, schools, and other certification agencies to develop certification standards; and organising experts to discuss and approve the standards.

Certification Processing Department

The Credit Bank offers services for all members of society. It is mainly responsible for the construction, management, supervision, and guidance of the learning outcome certification service system, as well as consultation and guidance on learning outcome certification, accumulation, and transfer services.

Business Development Department

As a window for the Credit Bank to carry out business cooperation with all parts of society, this department is mainly responsible for the work of the Alliance for Mutual Recognition of Learning Outcome, plus quality assurance system and project management; the continuous expansion of the coverage and influence of the Credit Bank in the field of education and human resource management through the construction and development of the Alliance for Mutual Recognition of Learning Outcomes and the development of partners; constantly enriching the types and quantity of the Credit Bank’s products; and providing better and more professional services for learners through the development of projects and products.

Applied Research Centre

As a specialised research institution and think tank that studies the Credit Bank and its applications and provides relevant policy advice, the Applied Research Centre takes on responsibilities related to applied research, consulting services, the publication and promotion of achievements, academic exchanges, and the training of professional staff in the Credit Bank and related fields. The centre closely cooperates with the government, international organisations, research institutions, and relevant universities on the basis of its innovative and open mechanism and carries out joint construction projects in accordance with the principle of "resource sharing, combination of strengths, mutually beneficial results, and long-term cooperation.” The centre also acts as a platform for applied research, academic exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign Credit Banks, and the research and training of relevant research talents, while serving as a think tank providing relevant consulting services.